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Three years after my first iguana pest control hunt in
Puerto Rico, I head back down with Hatsan Airguns to
see if the years of steady hunting has made a dent in
the population..... and to get in some shooting!
Boar Hunting with the Badger 40
Out in Texas after feral hogs with this powerful
air rifle from Airgun Depot
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Rabbit Hunting with the Brocock Bantam: Heavy Hitter for Small Game
Broock has been coming out with some nice compact hunting rifles since the acquisition by
Diana (the investment company not the airgun manufacturer that also that also owns Daystate.
First the Compatto, followed by the Bantam, and I recently had the opportunity to use the
Sniper regulated rifle on a few small game hunts. You can check out video of the Compatto
here, and the Bantam here. The excursions with the Sniper will come along shortly!