The Practical Guide to Airgun Hunting
If you'd like to get information on the guns, gear, game, and techniques used to hunt with airguns, this book will put you on the right
path. The contents cover everything you need to get started, and if you're already an experienced airgunner or hunter, there may still
be some hints that will be useful. We're very lucky in the USA, we don't have many restrictions on airguns, we have a lot of species to
hunt, and a lot of opportunities to take to the field. To make the download a bit more manageable the book has been split into two
parts; the first focuses on general airgun information and the second part on field applications of this gear.

This book will discuss pest control, small game hunting, predator hunting, and big game hunting with many different spring piston and
precharged pneumatic airguns. Pass this link around, share it with your friends, and get the word out if you know anybody that might
like to give airgunning a try. You can also keep up to date with my website or my regular
column in
Predator Xtreme Magazine.
As I finished working on the second edition
of The Practical Guide to Airgun Hunting, I
thought back to why I sat down to write the
book in the first place. My primary
motivation was to help increase the
awareness of the sport, and to provide some
guidance for those that would like to give it
a try. While the books have met with some
degree of success, I wanted to reach a
broader audience. And with this goal in
mind, I decided to make the book available
to all that want it, free of charge.
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Part II