The          FX Verminator MK II Extreme                 
This new version of a
great varminting gun
has something for
everyone; the kit comes
with a short barrel,
long barrel, arrow
barrel, and a bunch of
cool accessories!
Between the SHOT Show in Las Vegas and the IWA in
Germany this year, I saw a lot of interersting new airguns. One of
these guns was a new version of a takedown carbine that I've
admired for some time, packaged in a kit that will allow a single
platform to be configured for just about any small game / vermint
hunting task it could be called into action for. With the long barrel
set up its about perfect for a prairie dog shoot in the wide open
plains, and it's a natural for pest control in a suburban environmet
when fitted with the short barrel and shroud extension, oh and for
something completely different, go out and arrow some bull frogs
and reel them in with the fishing accesories.
Pest Control at an Industrial Site
I had the chance to do some pest control at
an industrial complex situated on the
outskirts of town. Starlings were entering
one of the buildings through breeches in the
roof and walls, and they wanted to clear
them before sealing these holes. They didn't
want me shooting inside, so I set up to take
them out before they got into the building.
I've written a lot about urban hunting guns
and my criteria has been consistant;
compact (takedown preferred), accurate,
quiet, multishot (preferred), adjustable
power (preferred), this gun has it all.
Arriving on site I mounted the stock and checked my zero at 50
yards before starting the pest control shoot. A five shot group using
JSB Jumbo Diabolos was obtained with me kneeling and the carbine
rested on a section of metal framing. Seeing these results I felt
confident, and in the course of the afternoon I fired two magazines
and dropped a dozen of these winged rats. Its going to take a couple
days of follow up.
There was a hole in the metal wall of this
industrial building that the starlings were flying
through to reach their nests. I dialed the gun to
the low power setting so that  in the event of a
flubbed shot there wouldn"t be any collateral
The comprehensive kit comes packed in a
hardcase with foam compartments securely
holding all the bits, which includes:

a) Short 11.8" barrel
b) Long 19.7" barrel
c) Arrow barrel
d)Shroud Extension
e) Bipod
f) Rifle mounted light
g) Variable 6-18x Scope
h) Arrows: Broadheads, and field tip
i) Fishing reel and mount

When the stock/air bottle is rmoved, it fits into
the case as well, without requiring the short
barrel to be removed. If you've been using the
long barrel or shooting arrows, the short barrel
will have to be mounted before packing. in the
Swapping the propriatary FX Smoothtwist
barrels is simple, loosen the knurled retaining
knob (1), unscrew the barrel (2) and slide it
out. Reverse the process to install one of the
other barrels, screw it in (3) and tighten down
the knob again. The whole thing takes a few
seconds and all the pieces lock together giving
the impression of a solid and well built piece of

In terms of shooting, this gun is very nice; it is
ergonomic and mounts well. I sometimes have
a a problem obtaining a consistant sight
alignment on bottle stocked gun, but FX has
done their homework in designing the
ambidextrous synthetic stock / bottle cover
with an integrated cheekpiece. It allows me to
get my head in the same position whether
shooting prone, sitting, kneeling, offhand, or
rested. The pistol grip fits my average sized
hands very well and allows a comfortable hold
and trigger address The trigger is a match
grade two stage adjustable that allows a pull
weight of 14 to 24 ounces. With an excellent
tactile responsiveness this trigger breaks
crisply and cleanly which contributes to the
high degree of accuracy achieved.

The verminator is cocked and the 12 round
magazine indexed via a drop down side lever
cocking mechanism,. It cycles smooth as silk
and can be cocked without lifting your head.
off the cheekpiece.

The 400 cc bottle is charged to 3200 psi and
is filled while mounted to the action. The  high
pressure tank is connected to the gun using a
Foster type quick fill nipple.
Jim Chapman
1) Shroud
2) Light
3) Long barrel
4) Arrow barrel
5) Arrows
7) Pellets
With the long barrel mounted
this gun balances well, and is
quiet. Add the shroud
extension and it is very quiet!
The molded buttstock and
pistol grip allow a solid and
consistant grrip.
Pest Control on the Farm
I went with my hunting buddy
Brian Beck to one of his family
members farms to do some pest
control. They had barns and
grain lots where pest birds such
as pigeons and starlings were
creating a real mess. I selected
the Verminator as my gun for
this outing, where we had
conditions ranging from point
blank in the barns, to the top of
the grain elevators 100 yards
away. The ability to dial the
power up or down depending
on the setting, was a very useful
feature.. But the thing that was
of primary import
was the accuracy. As we worked our
way along culling birds we were in
proximity to buildings, equipment, farm
animals, and workers. We needed our
shots to go exactly where intended, and
at one point I dropped six starlings in a
row with head shots at 35 yards, while
the workers went about there tasks not
even realizing I was there.
The other feature of this gun that proved
valuable was the large air capacity,
there was a lot of shooting on this day,
and I never had to return to the truck
for a refill. The Verminator is probably
the perfect pest control rifle for any
The Verminator
weighs between
6.4 to 7.1 lb
depending on how
you've configured
it. Compact and
lightweight it
carries very well in
the field.
I like the fact the Verminator Mk II uses
the proven Royal breech block.
To get to my shooting area I
needed to leave my car in a shared
parking area and carry my rifle
back behind the buildings where
the starlings were causing a
problem. I liked that I could break
the gun down and slip it into my
daypack. With the short barrel and
shroud extension this is a true
stealth hunter!
The Quantitative Results
While the Verminator MK II looks very much like its
predecessor, it is different in a couple of meaningful ways.
Importantly, the MK II utilizes the Royale block as the rifles
platform, which means that it has the super slick cycling
characteristics of the Royale rifles, it uses the same 12 shot
cassette magazine as opposed to the alloy construction 8 round
used previously, but on the downside (if you want to be picky)
requires a higher profile mount. The gun has an onboard
manometer, and a three position power adjustment wheel.
In the figure to the left, the average velocities from each of the
three power levels was obtained using the proprietary FX pellets,
Beeman Kodiaks, and JSB Exacts. I simply averaged five shots
from each setting, starting at a 200 BAR fill, to estimate the
average velocity. The objective was to give a general idea of the
velocities that one might expect at each level. I use the 3 dot
setting for most hunting/ pest control, the two dot setting when
shooting in more sensitive areas (i.e. starlings around/in an
industrial building), and the one dot mostly when practicing in the
This 108 shot string was obtained using the FX
pellets at the high power setting, starting at 200
Starting at a 200 BAR fill I shot nine full magazines, air consumption
was approximatly 10 BAR/magazine, the last couple mags using a bit
more air. While I ran the gun down from 850 fps to 698 fps over
108 shots, the shot to shot variation when in the sweet spot was
quite reasonable. Using the gun for a day of pest control, I never had
to shift the POI to stay on target.
These ten shot groups with a variety of pellets
started at a 200 BAR fill , using the FX, JSB Exact,
JSB Jumbo,RWS Superdome, Beeman Kodiak,
Crosman Premiers, and Eu Jin pellets. With the
exception of the Eu Jins, which hung up because of
their length, all cycled without a problem.
These 12 shot groups were
obtained using FX pellets at 35, 50,
75 yards, and demonstrate a high
degreee of accuracy (using the short
barrel). This gun is intrinsicaly
accurate, has an ergonomic design,
and a great trigger.
35 yards                                                  50 yards

75 yards
These 12 shot groups were
obtained at 50 yards using
Kodiaks, JSB Jumbo, and
RWS Superdomes. The gun
digests a wide range of
ammunition, which I believe is
a result of the Smoothtwist
barrel technology.
Kodiaks                                      JSB Jumbo