The Landscape
The land we hunted on was
comprised of a varied
character. There were large
plains covered in long grass
and indiginous thorn trees
dressed in two inch long
wooden nails. We would
glass from the side of the
rolling hills that undulated
across the veld until
spotting quarry, then
strategize the approach
into shooting range. There
was precious little cover at
times, which made getting
inside of 70 yards on an
animal with a 200 yard
safety zone a challange.
Andrew and our Xhosa
tracker/skinner Tululu
discussing a bushbuck ram
they'd spotted a couple of
hills over. These guys had
unbelievable eyes, and could
spot far away game bare
eyed before I could get my
12x binos trained on it.
Some of these rock
formations were very steep
and made for hard slogging.
This was the environment
preferred by bushbuck and is
one of the reasons this
animal can be such a
challange. They are very
wary and have a propensity
for backtracking and using
their dagger like horns on
the pursueing hunter if

These rocks are a favored
huant of hyrax as well, and
sometimes these animals
could be seen swarming over
the rocksides.
Chapman, Henderson, Mitchell Cont'd
After the Hunt
Small herd of impala sighted
from high atop a hill. We
needed powerful glass to
determine there was not a
good ram in the bunch,
which saved us from a long
and non-productive hike.
One piece of hear that is an
absolute must on for these
trips is a good set of
10x-12x binoculars.
I found that standard
patterns of camo
developed for our North
American environments
works well, going more
with browns and earth
tones than greens.
I did not see any streams or
running water in the
locations we hunted,
however there were a few
waterholes and a few dams
spread around the property.

Animals are very jumpy in
these areas, and getting into
shooting range takes a bit
of time and effort. In this
picture Tululu is going after
a duck I shot with the
Falcon at approximately 90
yards. I was dropping trou
and getting ready to go in
when he came up looking
for me, and offered to go in.
I hunted this hole for three
hours trying to get in, and
finally set up in camo an
waited... still 90 yards was
as close I could get.
After the hunt and at midday meals
we retreated to the small pub for
food and rest. The ambiance was
great and a very cool place to hang
and discuss the varios hunts. Robs
friends, other PHs and ranchers
would come by to see our guns and
discuss what we were doing.
Another option for
relaxing after the hunt is
the billiards/game room.
A bit more formal than
the pub, but another style
with an ambiance all its
own. I always have liked
this room... it's just that I
like hanging at the pub

The rooms (lower) are
very comfortable and I
slept well every night, of
course miles of
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