Small Game and Varmint
Eric and I got in a bit of
water fowl; he has an
Egyptian goose shot with his
DAQ .22, an 80 yard head
shot. I've got a pair of yellow
billed ducks both shot at over
75 yards with the Prairie
Falcon. These birds are very
difficult to get into range on,
when your dinner for so
many other animals it makes
you cautious (above left and

This huge porcupine was
nailed with the Dragonslayer
.50 at 30 yards on a run.
Unlike the North American
species the African
porcupines are fast. Our
tracker was over the top with
this one as it was destined as
the main course for his
Shooting monkeys is counter-intuitive
for most of us, however the vervet
monkey is a real pest animal that causes
a great deal of damage around the
property, raiding crops and livestock
feed. The eagles that prey on vervets
are in decline, and populations in some
areas are out of control.

These animals are very wary and
difficult to get into airgunning range,
but can be shot from a blind or from
deep camo such as a ghillie suit.

I shot a couple of big males with the
Career Dragonslayer which anchored
them dead in place. The .50 caliber
roundball dropped them on the spot.

Randy shot a few of the beasties with
the Evanix AR6, laying in headshots
that were decisive. He told me that the
rapid cycling of this gun made it ideal
for the rapid shoot, and the high power
worked well on these larger animals.
All of us took multiple Guinea Fowl; I used my Prairie
Falcon, DAQ .457 and Dragonslayer .50 with good
effect. I especially liked the Falcon for the game. A
flock of birds moving through the brush offers some
fast shooting. Eric is seen here with a brace of birds
taken with hius DAQ .22 right before dusk fell.
We took a few of the strange little animals called
dassie (or Hyrax). Here Eric poses with a dassie and
the DAQ22 used to harvest them.

Eric took the Falcon out to te blind and used it to
tag a gray mongoose. These fast little animals do not
give much in the way of a static target. This ine went
down to a head shot.

In this picture we the three of us show off some of
the springhare we bagged. Populations were higher
than I'd seen in a long time, they were everywhere
this year and in large number.
Bird hunting was available everyhere you turned, it was
fun to shoot pigeons as the birds swarmed in to raid the
feeders. We left the "house crows" alone, the ones that
hung out near the out buildings, but the ones outside of
the protection zone were pest and fair game.
The five of us together at the end of the
hunt, as stated during the intro, we had
a great group to hunt with and a lot of
fun. To my way of thinking, having the
right guys together can make or break a
trip. Saying our goodbyes on the last
night before Eric and Randy left..
Almost all of the small game
was considered busk meat and
given to the locals. They
particularly liked the
springhare, brush hare,
pigeons, vervets and
porcupines we shot.
Next year I will bring two groups (of no more than four hunters each) for the
airgun safari. It is not cheap, but a great price offered by Hounslow makes it
viable. I'll be posting more info in coming months, contact me if you'd like to
sign up or get more information at
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