Bear with Air
David Lloydlee takes a great black bear with his .457 Quackenbush PCP airirifle. One
of the great airgunning trophys.
Intro by J. Chapman
The only North American species that I really want to
shoot with my big bore airguns are the mountain lion
and the black bear. So it was great interest that I read
the following story by David Lloydlee, a long time big
bore airgunner, recounting his recent hunt for black

The rifle David used is his  DAQ .457 that has been
modified to shoot just under 700 fpe from a charge of  
3600psi. The rifle was converted to a Muzzle Loader
for the seasons hunt to conform to his State
Regulations. The bullets used were the 425gr Flat nose
solid from Seth Rowland @ 855fps.

David  Lloydlee tells the story:
“I was literally only 10 ft off the ground, (from the
30ft I was hunting from.)
Suddenly I saw a large adult bear running straight
towards me, My heart was beating out my chest. I
prayed for the shot I needed, as I knew that I only had
one chance, he was big, and fast. This was no caged,
farm animal, he was a Dangerous Big Game in the full
meaning of the term, and he was running towards me.
And I am only one leap away from the ground.

OK, as few quick breaths, and "Thank you Lord", he
suddenly turns, slowed down, and began to walk
across in front of me. I then realize that he was only
running to keep momentum up the steep mountain side,
and that he didn't even see me.

Now my heart is calm enough to cock the Heavily
modified.457 DAQ that already has the 425gr Flat nose
solid Muzzle loaded. He hears the sear click, paused
and looks back at me. now my old Heart is ready to
explode. No time to second guess, PULL THE
TRIGGER RAPIDLY. OK so I was slightly excited.

He lets out an amazingly load Raw, lifts off the ground
on his hind legs with his left arm above his head, takes
a couple staggering steps while still vertical, then he
charges into several trees, bouncing from one to
another as if he was drunk. 23 second later he crashes
head first, body flips over the top of head and he lays
motionless against a tree facing towards me, with his
back leg still up the tree. He was completely shut down
in 23 seconds. WOW it is amazing what almost 700 fpe
will do.�

David has once of the coolest trophies in the airgunning
world, and I think this is the extreme for airgun
hunting, dangerous game with little margin of error â
€¦.. well done David!!!
David with his Quackenbush .457 and the
fairchase bear anchored with it.
The bear was double lunged and dropped in about
20 seeonds.
the 425 grain bullet punched right through the 300
lb animal.
David id one happy hunter, he'd been planning and
working long and hard to get this bruin, and he has a
hunt to remember!