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The American Airgun
Hunter has been up
and running for over a
decade now. I have
had the opportunity to
shoot and hunt with a
vast number of guns,
using spring piston
and PCP rifles in
calibers from .177 to
.50 caliber. Visit the
archives to look back
over reviews of the
guns and memories of
the hunts!

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My Choice in Pellets
The American
Airgun Hunter site
focuses on
everything related
to airgun hunting;
the guns, the gear,
the quarry, and the
field techniques.
Air rifles can be very finicky when it comes to the
projectiles each shoots best. And it even more gun
specific than make and model. I'll talk a bit about the
pellets that cosnsitantly work well for me!
Coyote Hunting with an Airgun!
Check my Byline:
The Evanix .357 Sniper Carbine: powerful
enough, accurate, and compact!
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