Gun Review: The B-57
Jim Chapman
I am always looking for a gun that can be taken
out for impromptu hunts when I am traveling.
Looking at some of the online airgun shops I
noticed the B-57, which is a breakdown spring
piston air rifle.

The Specifications: This guns is a spring piston
power plant that cocks with a side lever and has
an anti-beartrap mechanism to prevent the
cocking lever shutting accidently. The cocking
effort is fairly light, and the pellets are loaded
through a large chamber when the cocking lever
is deployed.

Performance: this rifle was chambered in .177
and the rifle generates about 620 fps with the
light predator pellets. This yeilds a power of
around 8fpe, which is adequate for small game
and pests if the range is kept close.

Accuaracy: This rifle was quite accurate, and
with the 4x scope setting was capable of ragged
one hole groups at twenty yards. When shooting
live quarry with lower powered guns, it is
important that the gun be capable of placing the
pellet exactly where required.
I took this gun with me on a trip out west, where I
was going to have the chance to hunt jackrabbits,
cottontails, ground squirrels, and prairie dogs. The
rabbits I was going to pursue at night, so I also
outfitted the gun with a scope mounted light. This gun
is lower power, so I decided to use pointed polymer
tipped pellets which I have found to be very effective.

The first chance I had to use the gun was to shoot
ground squirrels one afternoon. I was in the foothills in
an area with stands of scattered live oaks. I quietly
walked up and sat down on the hillside beside a tree.
After a few minutes I saw three or four squirrels
moving around on the ground foraging. Lining up I
fired and hit him right in the head, where-upon he
started kicking then ran to a big oak tree and started
climbing. I had reloaded and sent a second pellet for a
second headshot and anchored him. After about a ten
minute wait, I saw a second squirrel perched on a
lightning damaged tree stump. I lined up and whacked
him right in the head, he flipped around and rolled
over and down a burrow. I took one more squirrel
before calling it quits, but obtained quite simular results.
Later that night, I met up with my brother at a friends place to shoot some rabbits that were overrunning
their comercial nursery. Rabbits were everyhwhere, but we only had an hour to shoot before we had to
meet up with some other friends. These guys were fairly used to people and if you moved slowly could get
into twenty five yards. On the first shot I lined up on the head and nailed him. The rabbit dropped without
a twitch. As a matter of fact, I shot three more rabbits at about twenty yards, and each one went down
stone dead.

The last outing was a few days later in pursuit of pairie dogs, I went out to a property in central Colorado
where I'd hunted in the past. There was an active prairie dog town that came right up to some of theout
buildings and feeding troughs. Sitting inside if one of these structures and looking out the window, I was
fifteen to twenty yards from the closest burrows. When the first one came out I waited for him to start
feeding and move away from the hole. I shot and achieved a perfect headshot, at which he started
flipping about but expired before reaching his hole. After a couple of hours I managed to take three more
dogs, only one of which managed to make it back to the hole.

This gun is the minimum power that I would use for pest control, and to be effective it was necassary to
select head shots and keep the range inside of twenty five yards ..... twenty being better. The Predator
Pellets were effective even at these lower velocities. On the rabbits and priarie dogs tthis rifle and pellet
combination was very effective. The most compelling reason to use it is that it was very easy to travel with.
In the case that the QB 57 came in, I could just slip it into my bag and check it in for my flights. It served
the purpose well, and is a viable option for a carry along kit for the opportunistic shoot.
The B57 breaks down and packs into its own
carrying case. It can be put together and
broken down in a few seconds. It is an
adequate small game rifle out to 25 yards, and
was particularly effective with Predator pellets.
I was able to keep my shot placement right
where I wanted it, and each of these
rabbits went down cleanly.