These were the three Quackenbush airguns that I took on the first Safari to South Africa;
the DAQ .50 caliber (top), the DAQ .25 with a carbon silencer, and a DAQ .308
Two bigbores showing the trend towards more compact design, the top is a .451
Dennis Quckenbush  built for me, and the lower is one is a Leroy Roduner .457. At
LASSO this year there was a lot of interest in hunting guns that are built along these
A group of guns from Jack Haley's table at LASSO, in several calibers.
Me with My Big Bore 909, tuned by Long Island
Leroy at LASSO with one of his
Crosman Benjamin ePCP Rogue .357; The first big bore airgun from a major American
manufacturer; Electronic valve and trigger, 6 shot rotary magazine, shrouded barrel.
Presented at the 2011 SHOT Show 2011 in Las Vegas, available in May.