Brian Beck On Hammering Coyote
Jim Chapman
I have the opportunity to hunt for a lot of different things in a lot of
different places every year. I also have more of a chance than most, to
meet and hunt with serious airgun hunters from all around the country.
One of my favorite hunts, and one of my favorite people to hunt them
with, is coyote with my long time hunting buddy Brian Beck. As you
might know if you follow my writing, Brian was the subject of my
column in Predator Xtreme a couple months back, and as the season
winds down I though it would be a good time to catch up with him.

JC: Hi Brian, We didn’t get a chance to hunt much together this
year as I was moving out of the state (Indiana where I’d been the
last 10 years and Brian is a native son). What was the year like and
how did your season go?

BB: well, it was alright. Not bad, but also not the best I’ve seen.
Got out to do some hunting, and had the dogs coming in more to
vocalizations than prey call. There wasn’t a lot of snow on the
ground through a lot of winter, though we got some that came in and
stayed on the ground for a while later on.

JC: Did the weird weather and lack of snow have much impact?

BB: We’ve talked about that in the past…. I like the snow, the
dogs move more and are out looking for food. It’s also easier to
see them coming in when you’re hunting at night.

JC: I notice in some of the photo where you’d been racking up
dogs, you have a light mounted on your gun. Do you hunt mostly at
night or during the day?

BB: I hunt both, and do a bit better at night, but shoot a lot of dogs in
early in the morning or at dusk as well. I get some every year in the
middle of the day as well.

JC: How did you do competition wise this year?

BB: Not bad, I took a few seconds but always placed pretty high up

Note: Brian hunts in open competition using and airgun against the
typical centerfire/shotgun teams

JC: What caliber do you prefer, and why?

BB: I’ve been shooting .308 for a long time, because that was
the gun I had. My first big bore was a Jack Haley .308 and I’ve
done well with it. Lately I’ve used different guns and calibers; the
Sam Yang Recluse .357, my Airforce Condor .25, the Benjamin
Rogue .357, the Sam Yang .457…… I do like the .30 calibers
because they are flatter shooting.

JC:  What do you look for in a coyote hunting airgun?

BB: Accuracy is number one, power in the 130fpe and up range, and
I like a higher shot count. All of these guns have some good and bad
points. I like the Recluse, good accuracy, good power, good shot
count, and I like the feel (and looks) of the gun. The trigger is not so
great, but after a trigger job, well I like the gun.

JC: What call do you use?

BB: Mostly a FoxPro with a prairie blaster speaker; the sound quality
is good, its loud, carries well, and I have confidence in it.

JC: Brian, I think we’re going to be hooking up for a prairie dog
shoot later this summer, and I look forward to catching up and hunting
with you then.
I was catching up with Brian by phone the other day,
and as we didn't get to hunt together as we have over
the last few years, was asking questions about the
season. Following is a short summary of out cha
Brian racked these dogs up during a competition using the Sam Yang Recluse
and the Rogue .357. got a second place with this bag.
Brian put the coyotes away with the Sam Yang ..... and the call is his favorite
The snow got them moving again, Brian shot a few with his .25 caliber
AirForce, and suprisingly had better success with body shots.