The stock trigger on the 2240
leaves a lot to be desired, the pull
is rough and quite heavy. As a
matter of fact, the most desirable
aspect of the trigger is that it is
modular and it is easy to take
apart and correct. One of the first
tasks I perform when building a
modified gun is to rework the
trigger; the steps are to a) remove
some material from the shelf and
polish the sear, b) then install
some shims on either side of the
trigger components to remove the
side to side shifting. The shims are
made of small stainless washers
that have the centers filed out to
match the pins in the trigger. You
can also file down the bosses that
the pins fit into to smooth them
out. They just fit over the pins, but
you will need to do some filing to
get the fit right. The washers used
are .120"ID .250"OD and .020"
thick. I learned how to do these
modifications from the instructions
posted online by Brian
Maconaughey, and wish to
acknowledge the fact that I am
not the originator of these

Fig 30

Remove the grips and remove the
safety spring and ball bearing that
sit in the small groove along the
side of the frame by turning the
frame over and holding it over
your open plam. Take out the
trigger spring which is connected
from a post on the grip frame to
the sear, then remove the two
screws which hold the cover on
over the trigger assembly. Once
the screws are out the plate is
lifted off exposing the trigger.
Tuning the Crosman 2240 Trigger