About two years ago I started working on a
book that focused on building up a hunting
pistol using the Crosman 2240 platform.

I was a hundred or so pages into the
manuscript when I became side tracked
with other projects, and shelved this for so
long I figured that I was not going to get
motivated to finish.

Rather than waste the effort, I decided that
I'd post it on my site for anybody that
wanted to use the information. The only
problem was that I didn't have the room to
spare on my site ..... until recently when I
expanded the bandwidth and storage
capacity of the American Airgun Hunter.

A couple disclaimers: first use the
information here at your own risk, it is
meant for information only. Second, be sure
these mods will keep your gun inside the
legal boundries where you live. And finally,
this is information found in the public
domain, I learned from others and don't
want in any way imply I pioneered this
Tuning the Valve
Tuning the Trigger
Replacing the Springs
2240 Gallery
I will continue to add to this section until the whole book is eventually available online ... free