2240 Modifications

The 2240 is, without a doubt in my opinion, the finest platform available for tinkering and modification. The base gun cost less than $50.00 at most retail outlets, and can be used for limited hunting and plinking as is. The .22 pistol can put out velocities at 460 fps, generating around 7 fpe. The gun weighs 29 oz and is a little over 11 in length; it is equipped with a manual cross bolt safety, and black plastic target grips. These grips feel pretty good and fit most hands acceptably well, but could be better and are not at all aesthetically pleasing to my eye. The iron sights are fixed in the front with the rear adjustable for windage and elevation. There is not an integrated scope mount, so it is necessary to either buy the barrel clamp mounts available from the manufacturer or obtain an after market receiver from a third party. Ive also built and designed a single screw mount that I used to attach a red dot on one of my favorite hunting guns. The trigger is single stage and non adjustable, and is heavy set at about six or seven pounds I find the trigger somewhat narrow for my taste. The receiver, besides not being grooved for a scope, is a cheap plastic.

The reason the gun is a great platform for modification is that it is a simple (yet elegant) modular design, and there are several improvements which make the gun more powerful, more accurate, and easier to shoot. Using aftermarket parts it can also be converted to other calibers, and other power sources such as bulk fill and pre charged pneumatic. I am not mechanically inclined, but I started buying this inexpensive gun and experimenting. I followed the instructions online and in corresponding with airgun smiths and learned how to change receivers and barrels, modify and improve the valves, do a trigger job, make and mount a muzzle brake, and fabricate grips. The Easiest way to gain a jump in the velocities put out by a stock gun is to replace the standard barrel with a longer one.