Iguana Hunt in Mexico with a .25 Pump Rifle
Story was that this poor chap in a place called
Chiautla de Tapia was having his tomato
patch over run by iguanas. It is a poor section
of the country, so it made sense that they
grew their own and that they needed help. We
decided to drive three hours to get there
starting early on Sunday.

I have hunted Iguanas with a lot of guns, but I
was curious as to how effective my
Pigeon-Gitter gun would be. Iguanas are
reptiles and as such are, ¿shall we say,
scientifically challenged?; they therefore need
very little brain. In a large sized iguana, the
brain spot for an instant shot is only about
3/4" across and you usually shoot at iguanas
at very strange angles.

We got there at 9:00 hrs. and as I looked at
the terrain I was thinking to myself: "This is no
iguana terrain. Not enough water, too dry and
not too many trees around."

Well, by the time we found our first one, sure
enough they were no iguanas, but "Garrobos".
A Garrobo is sort of a dry-land Iguana, much
closer to the Galapagos Iguanas than to our
green Iguanas that look like overgrown
Chameleons; Garrobos have spiny tails, no
crest to speak of, are usually dark->black
with pale undersides.

Still, very hard to kill. Brain is small and it is
located in a peculiar place where head and
body meet, skull is dead soft, but skin is
tough, these animals live among thorns, eat
thorns and sleep in thorns; besides, there is no
neck to speak of, so you really have to know
the animal's anatomy to be able to kill it

As most of you know by now, my
Pigeon-Gitter is a 2200 Crosman pump up
changed to 0.25" cal and tuned by Jeff
Wolgast and then re-tuned by me. I really had
no time to re-finish the chamois covering of
the butt and it was not necessary, the light
color of the chamois proved to not be a
disadvantage. I will still do it, but mainly for
aesthetical reasons.

There were 5 of us, carrying rifles of assorted
prices, manufacturers and powers. From a
Mendoza 0.22" to an FX/Logun Solo in
0.177", going through a Talon in 0.22", a
Diana 350 in 0.22" and my Cr2500.
Small game comes in many forms, these big lizards are headed for the kitchen