Benjamin Discovery PCP !!!
A new PCP air rifle that will have a major impact on airgunning in the USA!. The Discovery offers excellent hunting performance and is feature rich at a price point that will provide a gateway for new shooters and hunters into the sport.
Modified Benjamin 392
I've been shooting the Benjamin 392 with the Pump Assist Modification. Maintains the performance while substantially reducing the pumping effort
Walther 1250 Dominator
Precharged Pneumatic Air Rifle

A new airgun from Umerex that delivers power and accuracy. Jim gets this synthetic stocked rifle on the range and out into the field for a couple months a heavy shooting.
Recent Articles
The Glover / DAQ 9mm
air pistol is a hybrid built on the 2240 platform with parts coming from some of the great airgun craftsman working today. Walter Glover builds custom components for a lucky few when his busy schedule permits, Dennis Quackenbush is the master airgun builder specializing in big bore airguns that fabricates 2240 components when he has a break (not too often I'm afraid), the beautiful grips are the product of Grips by Rick, and the trigger shoe and grip frame are from the Crosman Custom Shop. In this article I'll describe the gun and and review performance.
Walther Falcon .25
A new entry on the market, this powerful spring piston air rifle is substantially less expensive than other major caliber springers currently available. In this article I'll look at the guns specifications, performance, and see how it stacks up against other .25 caliber springers.

25 + fpe Springer!

The Pneuma is a new rifle that is being imported and distributed in North America by UMAREX. I had a chance to look at this compact hunting rifle at the SHOT Show this year, and arranged to have one sent out as soon as the first shipment hit our shores to see what it could do. The gun looked promising on the exposition floor, had a rich feature set, and was priced to allow positioning in the sparsely populated sub $500.00 range of guns..........
At the SHOTShow there were several airgun companies with new guns, improvements on existing models, or were in the process of building new business relationships and collaborations. Beeman  seemed to be getting more active in promoting their pcp guns. And this was all good in my opinion, because one of the manufacturers they are working with is the British airgun manufacturer Falcon. Anybody that has a passing acquaintance with my writing knows that I am particularly fond of Falcons
Beeman Falcon R
Hammerli Pneuma
17 Masked Bandits in 1 Night
Electronic Calls for the Airgun Hunter
I take a look a couple of the electronic call we use for airgun hunting Brian Becks one night bag shows what you can do with the right caller .... if you know how to apply it!