I had been looking for a gun I could break down, throw into my pack, and take off with on my motorcycle for the local
squirrel woods. I'd shot a Talon previously, and thought it would be the perfect gun. At the SHOT Show I'd met with
several of the key players over at the Air Force Booth, and begged a rifle to run through its paces. A couple of months
later I was sent a Talon SS to review on the bench and in the field, along with a 4-16x Air Force scope. Taking the rifle
down to my basement range I zeroed in and got used to it by sending a couple hundred pellets at a target ten meters
away, then made some minor adjustments to the two stage trigger until it was fine tuned for my shooting style. I then
started shooting groups with a variety of pellets including; Beeman Crow Magnum, Kodiaks, Ram Jets, Eu Jin, RWS
Superdomes, Field & Trophy, Predator Hollow Points, Polymer Tipped, Crosman CPs, and a few others to get a
handle on what the gun liked. After narrowing down the field a bit, I next started shooting at low, mid, and high power
settings; in the end I found that the three pellets offering the best all-around results for various applications were the
Superdomes, the Polymer Tipped Predators, and at high power the Eu Jins. Moving outside a couple days later I set up to
shoot at 40, 50, or 60 yards. At 50 yards I found that I could get sub half inch groups shooting off a sand bag, and
shooting offhand I could consistently throw pellets into the kill zone of a squirrel. Even though it took me a while to find a
consistent cheek placement on the combined bottle/butt, the pistol grip and fore stock offered an ergonomic package that
was very shootable from either a standing or prone position
Once I felt confident in the gun and my ability to
shoot it well, I started to take the gun out to
hunt rabbits, squirrels, pigeons, and starlings
and found it to be just what I hoped for a
compact full power takedown carbine that
allowed me to tune the performance for various
hunting conditions. The utility of this compact
package was underscored on a recent hunt; I
put the Talon SS, my camo, some pellets,
binoculars, and a bottle of water into my pack,
jumped on my bike and rode out to a friend’s
farm about an hour south of town. It was a nice
fall day, beautiful weather with blue skies and
cool enough to be comfortable. The foliage was
heavy on the trees, which always makes for a
challenging hunt. Dressing up and putting the
gun together, I slowly worked my way through
the forest until I heard nuts crashing down to
earth. Scanning the ground, I located a spot
with fresh cuttings and started looking through
the canopy until I saw a branch shaking in a
manner inconsistent with wind motion. After a
few minutes, I say a bushy tail swinging over the
side of a large horizontal branch, then a
squirrelly little head peering over the side.
Bringing the Talon up, I zoomed the scope to
12x and centered him in the crosshairs. When
the pellet made contact, the squirrel back
flipped of the limb and came crashing down a
few yards away stone dead. I worked my away
along for another hour before bagging a second
squirrel, filling my self-imposed limit. On several
of the small properties I shoot over, I keep my
bag down to 2-3 squirrels as I'd rather have
several short hunts per season than a couple
outings with big numbers. At the end of my
morning shoot, I peeled off the camo insect suit,
broke down the gun, packed everything away
and stopped by the farmhouse for a cup of
coffee before the ride home. The Talon SS is
an accurate and powerful rifle, which due to the
high volume reservoir is a very handy rig to
travel with. Fill it once and you good for a
weekend hunt. To date I’ve used this compact
carbine to take many rabbits and squirrels, but
have found it effective on larger game such as
raccoon and turkey. I personally appreciate a
traditional rifle with beautiful wood; but for a
gun that is accurate, powerful, versatile, and an
excellent value it is hard to deny that this gun
has a lot going for it..
Review: Talon SS out for an
Early Fall Squirrel Hunt
    Jim Chapman
The Airforce Talon SS is one of
the only American manufactured
PCP air rifle. With a futuristic
design and a load of features
such as adjustable power
settings, multiple accessory
rails, and a detachable high
volume airtank/buttstock this
gun is worth a look.

Lining up a shot, the Talon is the
center piece of my travelling hunting
Thick folliage makes for pleasent, but difficult
Look for cuttings to steer you to your quarry.
The combination of accuarcy, power, compactness, and low report
make this an excellent squirrel gun!
But this gun is also strong medicine for larger game as this gobbler
found out.