The XS - B50 Pre Charged Pneumatic Rifle
The first Chinese Built PCP Rifle on the market. A review of performance on the bench and in the field
Early last summer I was surfing the
net when I came across an
advertisement on the website, which
stated they were taking pre-orders
on the first PCP rifle out of China.
The rifle is called the XS-B50 and is
a clone of the venerable Daystate
Huntsman. I have a Huntsman,
which is a great rifle, so was
intrigued by this new low cost
offering on the market.

I like Chinese guns as project guns,
but to be quite honest, the quality
and performance can be hit or miss.
However, the QB-78 which is a
clone of the old crosman 1066 for
instance,is better than the original,
so with this hope I decided to take a
chance. If nothing else, at around
$300.00 I could use the parts for
some project or another.

I ordered the rifle and began that
wait we all dread - the new toy wait!!
Followed by a cycle of sending
emails every couple of weeks - is it
here yet, is it here yet?? One day I
was at my desk when an email
came in stating that the guns had
arrived, and by the way .... there are
a couple of thumbhole stock in the
shipment - does anybody want
them? First come first serve. I was
on it right away and got one of the

When the UPS box arrived at the
door I tore into it. What a suprise, the
gun looked very nice indeed! The
Asian hardwood thumbhole stock
was finished in a dark stain with a
glossy sheen to it. The wood was
nicely figured (which on a side note
became very obvious when I
stripped the stock down to refinish
it). The metal work on the gun was
also good, there were no machining
marks to be seen, everything had a
tight clean fit, and the bluing was
rich and deep. This was without
doubt, the nicest
looking Chinese
rifle I'd ever seen!

Anxious to see how it shot I ran
down to my basement range and
set the rifle up with a Simmons 3-9x
40 variable power scope to sight in
and test. Using a hill pump I
charged the gun up to about 1500
psi, but when I disconnected the
gun I heard a hissing. Grabbing a
wrench I tightened the parker fitting
and the problem was resolved. One
of those storke of luck ocurred, and
the scope was shooting and inch or
so too low, and a couple of inches to
the right - but after a couple of quick
adjustments was shooting spot on.
After a few shots, I was a bit
suprised when the moderator was
blown of the end of the gun, but after
tightening the two loose  allen
screws meant to retain the
moderator, that little incident was
also resolved.

I have written about it in other
places, so I won't go into the details
of the when and where, but at one
point it became obvious that the
hammer spring used in the gun was
too light, and that at a full charge of
3000psi the gun failed. The
installation of a heavier hammer
spring proved the right medicine
and the gun shot well afterwards ...
at full charge. The trigger pull was
not bad, a little rough, but shootable.
I disassembeled the trigger then
polished and lubed the sear - which
made an OK trigger pull really sweet.

The gun has been with me on
several hunting trips now, I've taken
many jackrabbits, cotton tails,
ground squirrels, and squirrels with
it. The gun is dead accurate, and I've
made kills out to 70 yards. At that
range the gun has literally knocked
a big buck jack rabbit off his feet -
and he didn't move afterwards! I find
the gun in the configuration I have,
very shootable. It points well and
has a good fit for my 6'1'' frame.
I was pretty happy with what I found when I opened the box! The gun is
almost Identical to the Daystate from which it was cloned. As is typical
with Chinese guns, the documentation was pretty light, but there was a
kit with tools, extra O rings and washers included..
The gun performed very well in the field. I used it on a jackrabbit hunt
in which I took several of these big rabbits out past the 50 yards mark.
I found this particular gun was accurate with the Dynamite Nobel
Superdome pellets, and that in turn these pellets were quite effective
on game.

Caliber                       .177 only at this time
Velocity&nbsp         1000 feet per second
Overall Length         43.1"
Barrel                        18.5"
Weight                       8.0 lb without scope
Accuracy                  1/4" at 10 meters
When I chronographed this gun I had a maximum velocity of
1012 fps, which dropped to around 950 fps after 25 shots - a lot
of hunting shots per charge!
Jim Chapman