This interesting new offering is the first spring piston airgun configured as a scattergun! The loads are light and the power low, but there is enough gun to use it for close range pest control. Added: I’ve included a section below in which I answer questions and post additional comments as I get more experience with this gun I hiked along the edges of the field where the grass grew long and provided habitat for a variety of birds, when one popped up in front of me. Swinging my scatter gun in an arc and leading ever so slightly, I squeezed the trigger and watched the male bird crash to the ground. As I moved between a couple old sheds a small covey popped up with one bird perching for a moment on a rain gutter, a crack of the gun and another bird down, a hen. Wait a minute you say, you shot a bird off the roof? And it was a hen!? Well my quarry was of the sparrow variety, and the scattergun was a Gamo Viper Express. I received this gun for evaluation recently and wanted to bring it out for a test of its intended use, close in pest control. I don’t typically go out with the objective of shooting sparrows or starlings these days, but this gun cried out to be used on flying critters. Ever since this gun was first discussed in public: there has been no shortage of outspoken critics saying the gun/conceptRead More →