I’ve been shooting and hunting with the Benjamin Rogue for sometime now, and it’s found a place in my big bore gun rack, which houses guns from several manufacturers in .308, .357, .452, .457, and .50 caliber models. I did some early velocity measurements just to get a ballpark estimate on the power generated, but mostly shot the gun for groups under hunting conditions and took it to the field. Recently I was asked to provide some more quantitative information on the gun, so I’ve pulled up few of the targets and velocity measurement that I’ve collected. As most shooters know, this is the first mass produced big-bore manufactured by an American company, though there have been quite a few US semi-production and custom guns, and a number of excellent production guns coming out of Korea. There are also new big bores about to be released by the major European The gun is controlled via an onboard microprocessor that allows various parameters to be optimized for a specific bullet weight. In the current software revision, the bullet weight and the desired power settings of, low, medium, and I shot a few groups at 50 yards and 100 yards with the Nosler eXTREMEs and achieved good results. Above are two targets obtained at these distances, and while not a target gun, all shots sent down range at 50, 75, and 100 yards would have easily been in the kill zone of a coyote. This performance is in line with my otherRead More →

I was talking to Brian Beck, one of my local hunting buddies up here in Central Indiana a couple days ago and was telling him that I had pile of guns to work through and not enough time in a schedule that was getting very busy.. didn’t get any sympathy but he did volunteer to take my rifle and do some of the shooting to help out. For those that are familiar with my writing, you probably know that Brian and I have often hunted varmint and predators over the last couple or three seasons, and I consider him one of the most successful airgun hunters for coyote in the country. He competes in open competitions with an airgun, and wins, which is pretty mind blowing when you consider that guys with high power centerfires are reaching out 300 yards or more.! I was getting ready to fly out to Germany for a week, and he was going to do the last predator hunt in our area for the season, before heading down to Mexico. I asked if he’d be willing to use my Rogue for the competition, then ship it out to Texas for me to use at LASSO on my return Stateside. He said yes, and as we live couple hours apart we decided to meet in a little town about midway between for lunch and to hand off the rifle. On the way I got a call from Brian telling me he was going to be late,Read More →

I have always liked the AR6 rifle, and have had excellent results hunting small game with it. Recently I received the Pistol, Take-Down, and carbine versions of the AR6 that have been modified to improve the double action. This series of guns is named the Renegade, and are all based on the same time proven AR6 action. After spending time with these guns on the range to familiarize myself with them, I brought them into the woods to hunt squirrel and rabbit. My first report here will focus on the pistol. There are not many air powered handguns available on the market which can be used for small game hunting. One of the most expedient courses has been to build up a gun on the Crosman 2240 platform. But while the modifications to optimize performance with CO2 are simple to undertake, unless you are going to make the effort and spend the time to convert to pcp there is an inherent limitation on power. Also the gun will not be useful for cold weather hunting. Enter the Renegade, a very powerful multi-shot pcp pistol design out of the box. Before discussing performance a few words on initial impressions are in order. On opening the box this gun looks big and chunky, which I guess is necessary due to the size of the rifle action adapted for its use. As mentioned, the gun uses the same action, rotary magazine (which is very similar to the action of a standard revolver), andRead More →