This new version of a great varminting gun has something for everyone; the kit comes with a short barrel, long barrel, arrow barrel, and a bunch of cool accessories!

Between the SHOT Show in Las Vegas and the IWA in Germany this year, I saw a lot of interesting new airguns. One of these guns was a new version of a takedown carbine that I’ve admired for some time, packaged in a kit that will allow a single platform to be configured for just about any small game / varmint hunting task it could be called into action for. With the long barrel set up its about perfect for a prairie dog shoot in the wide open plains, and it’s a natural for pest control in a suburban environment when fitted with the short barrel and shroud extension, oh and for something completely different, go out and arrow some bull frogs and reel them in with the fishing accessories.

The comprehensive kit comes packed in a hardcase with foam compartments securely holding all the bits, which includes:
a) Short 11.8″ barrel
b) Long 19.7″ barrel
c) Arrow barrel
d)Shroud Extension
e) Bipod
f) Rifle mounted light
g) Variable 6-18x Scope
h) Arrows: Broadheads, and field tip
i) Fishing reel and mount

When the stock/air bottle is rmoved, it fits into the case as well, without requiring the short barrel to be removed. If you’ve been using the long barrel or shooting arrows, the short barrel will have to be mounted before packing. in the case.

Swapping the proprietary FX Smoothtwist barrels is simple, loosen the knurled retaining knob (1), unscrew the barrel (2) and slide it out. Reverse the process to install one of the other barrels, screw it in (3) and tighten down the knob again. The whole thing takes a few seconds and all the pieces lock together giving the impression of a solid and well built piece of machinery.

In terms of shooting, this gun is very nice; it is ergonomic and mounts well. I sometimes have a a problem obtaining a consistent sight alignment on bottle stocked gun, but FX has done their homework in designing the ambidextrous synthetic stock / bottle cover with an integrated cheekpiece. It allows me to get my head in the same position whether shooting prone, sitting, kneeling, offhand, or rested. The pistol grip fits my average sized hands very well and allows a comfortable hold and trigger address The trigger is a match grade two stage adjustable that allows a pull weight of 14 to 24 ounces. With an excellent tactile responsiveness this trigger breaks crisply and cleanly which contributes to the high degree of accuracy achieved.

The verminator is cocked and the 12 round magazine indexed via a drop down side lever cocking mechanism,. It cycles smooth as silk and can be cocked without lifting your head. off the cheekpiece.

The 400 cc bottle is charged to 3200 psi and is filled while mounted to the action. The high pressure tank is connected to the gun using a Foster type quick fill nipple.

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