The Korean made Sumatra 2500 is a compact little lever action carbine that IÂ’ve been told is a very powerful hunting airgun. IÂ’ve wanted one of the Korean made repeaters ever since shooting Randy MitchellÂ’s Career Carbine a couple of times while on a hunting trip. There had been reports of accuracy problems with the Career and that the rotary magazine of the Sumatra was more reliable digesting a wider range of pellets than the Careers inline magazine, so I decided on the Sumatra. As to the question of from whom I should order, IÂ’ve had good experience dealing with Cobra Airguns lately, and went to them to purchase the Sumatra for inclusion to my hunting battery …… if it made the grade. As mentioned, this is a compact gun, and with a variable scope mounted it still weighs in at right about 8 lbs. I find it well balanced and like the way it comes to the shoulder. The stock and forestock are made from a nice quality Asian hardwood, and the metal work is nicely blued Â… at least the barrel and air reservoir are. I have to admit that the shiny tin like receiver is not my favorite feature of this other wise cool (in a strange way) looking gun. However, as this is going to be a dedicated hunting rifle ,IÂ’ll have it camouflaged in the near future. I didnÂ’t know what to expect when I ordered the Sumatra 2500, but I must say I reallyRead More →

A year or two back I was out on a squirrel hunt in Kentucky with Randy Mitchell, and had a chance to use his Techstar. I found the gun to be a nice shooter and wanted to give it a more serious work out. Unfortunately by the time I got around to asking him to loan it to me, the gun had moved on (as they often do) in a trade. Jump ahead to the present; I was offered a loaner Techstar to have a go with and promptly jumped at the opportunity. The folks over at the well known online airgun shop Compasseco are the sole importer of the BSA badged gun, and they kindly provided me with one to use on the bench before heading out west on a jackrabbit hunt. The Techstar is a .22 caliber single shot carbine that comes equipped with iron sights and a grooved receiver which accepts a scope. It presents as a compact package that is easy to carry for a long day of tramping around the desert. The overall length of the gun is 37” with an 18.5” barrel, and weighs a scant 6.6 lbs. This rifle is manufactured by the long established and well respected British company BSA. The Tech Star is based on the companies Hornet model and even though less expensive it produces more power. The Tech Star has an adjustable power setting and the 100cc reservoir yields about 25 shots at 38 foot pounds (1000 fps), butRead More →