I’d had the chance to use the 2540 with a modified conventional valve on a rabbit hunt a few weeks ago, and a couple of dozen rabbits over a few days of hunting attested to the efficacy of this gun as a hunting arm. On returning home I found the new Biohazard valve which is described elsewhere on my site, which was used to modify the 2540 further into the 2550 configuration. I gained a couple hundred feet per second with this valve, and couldn’t wait to get it in the field. I was invited over to a friends farm the other day to help thin out an over-abundant squirrel population, and decided that this was just the venue to try out my newly tuned pistol as I’d be hunting at closer range around his shed and out buildings. I removed a few squirrels that day, but the first one was most telling. I had a fresh CO2 cartridge inserted, and saw a squirrel running around on the ground feeding at about 35 yards. I stalked in as close as I could, moving slowly and stopping often. At about 25 yards the squirrel towards and up a tree to a fork about 4 feet up where he stopped and looked around. When he presented me with a profile headshot I squeezed the trigger and tumbled him off his low lying perch. Squirrels can be tough to kill, but the 2550 DAQ / Biohazard was more than up to it. TheRead More →