I was talking to my hunting buddy Eric Henderson a few weeks ago, and he told me he was going to hunt deer in Missouri again. He’d hunted the year before on a farm property owned by airgunner and big bore airgun builder Brian Cook, and having no shame I asked if he could hook me up. A couple of days later I got a call back saying â €œcome on downâ€�. We scheduled to meet at the Cook family’s property on November 15th, the second day of the MO rifle season and the day after Eric’s airgun event LASSO 2009. I had business that unfortunately kept me away from LASSO, but could get away to meet the guys in West Missouri, me driving from Indianapolis and they from Dallas. Without going into the minutiae of the trip, I got on the road early and they got going late which resulted in my arrival at Brian’s parents several hours before they did. Now mind you, I had never met Brian in person (we missed each other on a hunt in Texas when I had to pull out last minute) so I certainly had never met his family. But when I arrived I was warmly greeted by his parents Barbara and Dwayne, his wife, and son Nathan. They had made a room ready for me in their comfortable home, and after getting to know these good folks I settled in and arranged my gear. I was talking to Eric and BrianRead More →