I had the opportunity to cull rabbits that were overpopulating a friend’s property, but had to be sensitive to the fact that he was somewhat concerned about the possibility of mu causing damage to livestock, the buildings, and safety in general. I decided this would be a good time to test out a lower powered gun, so went down to the sporting good store to see what might be available. I figured that the gun could get by with about 6 fpe as I planned to get inside of 15 yards. The rabbits were thick and I was going to have lots of cover to get into shooting position. When I got to the store, they had a few rifles from which to select, and better yet they were all on sale! I picked out a Gamo Delta and decided to top it with a shotgun scope, resulting in a compact, light kit that I thought should serve my purpose. The Delta is the lowest powered and smallest of the Gamo spring piston air rifles with a weight of 4.2 lb, an overall length: 37.8″ and an adjustable two stage trigger with a pull of 3.3 lb. The guns stock is a synthetic with a Monte Carlo cheekpiece, and the receiver is grooved to take a scope. The break barrel action has a very light (21 lb) cocking effort that a youngster could handle, which was perfect as my intention was to give this rifle to my nephew after myRead More →

Airguns The Dragon Slayer The Dragonslayer is a large PCP air rifle launched as the successor to the Career Dragon, and is currently produced in .50 caliber only. The standard gun has an ergonomically shaped hardwood stock that is nicely checkered, and includes a rubber butt pad. I like the the shape of the forearm finding it comfortable to shoot both offhand and from a rest. A significant advantage in this design over the previous Dragon version is that the Dragonslayer uses a new side- lever action, which permits easier cocking and loading than its predecessor. I found the gun very easy to cycle and load, even under high stress situations encountered in the field when hunting. There are no open sights on this rifle, as the expectation is that a scope will be mounted. The accuracy is so good with this rifle that a scope is a must if one wishes to have it perform to full potential. The comb height was just right for my line of sight, with the scope mounted in low profile rings. I tried various scopes during bench testing, but opted for a fixed power 2x shotgun scope to ride on top the gun when bringing it out in pursuit of boar. I intended to keep the shot inside of 40 yards, and felt that 2X was enough magnification, but I also liked the longer eye relief for use in the heavier brush when fast target acquisition was a plus. A quick-fill receptor portRead More →

Dragon Claw .50 Recluse .357 / 9 mm It’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of the Sam Yang Big Bore 909 for a number of years, having used it to take hogs, deer, coyote all manner of smaller game. These guns are well built, rugged, accurate, powerful, tunable, and (importantly with respect to big bores) available. You can pick one of these rifles up (imported by Pyramyd Air) for about half the price of the semi-custom guns and be shooting in a matter of days instead of months. And it was available in any caliber¦. So long as you wanted .45 (.457 actually)! And I have to say, there is nothing wrong with this caliber at all, there are lots of bullets available, with good ballistic qualities, and they punch a decent sized The .457 is a good all around caliber when you want to go from predators to big game, but it is not the most optimal for either. When hunting for predators I’d like a smaller caliber, flatter shooting gun that would let me reach out a bit further with a less pronounced trajectory. Conversely, for the bigger game at the ranges I like to shoot (around 60 yards), there would be nothing wrong with punching trough with a bigger bullet, which is where the .50 comes in. It seems the feedback that Pyramyd Air received from their customers led them to push Shin Sung to add a couple new guns to the family; the .357Read More →