I had the opportunity to cull rabbits that were overpopulating a friend’s property, but had to be sensitive to the fact that he was somewhat concerned about the possibility of mu causing damage to livestock, the buildings, and safety in general. I decided this would be a good time to test out a lower powered gun, so went down to the sporting good store to see what might be available. I figured that the gun could get by with about 6 fpe as I planned to get inside of 15 yards. The rabbits were thick and I was going to have lots of cover to get into shooting position.

When I got to the store, they had a few rifles from which to select, and better yet they were all on sale! I picked out a Gamo Delta and decided to top it with a shotgun scope, resulting in a compact, light kit that I thought should serve my purpose.

The Delta is the lowest powered and smallest of the Gamo spring piston air rifles with a weight of 4.2 lb, an overall length: 37.8″ and an adjustable two stage trigger with a pull of 3.3 lb. The guns stock is a synthetic with a Monte Carlo cheekpiece, and the receiver is grooved to take a scope. The break barrel action has a very light (21 lb) cocking effort that a youngster could handle, which was perfect as my intention was to give this rifle to my nephew after my pest control outing.

When I got over to the property very early one morning, it was about a half hour before daybreak. I spooked a couple bunnies as I got situated, but had been told that the rabbits were not too fidgety and would reappear throughout the day, so I sat myself down beside an old live oak and waited. After about twenty minutes I saw three rabbits come out of the bushes about 25 yards away, which was a little bit too far. They slowly grazed and moved in my direction, but before they got inside of range, a couple more came out right in front of me. I lined up a head shot and rolled the rabbit closest to me, which caused the other rabbits to head back towards the brush. I cocked the rifle and rolled the second rabbit when he stopped momentarily, causing the rest to bolt. As the morning developed I spotted another rabbit poking its head out from the hedges and down he went. I’d been out for less than an hour and a half, and had managed to bag three rabbits without too much effort using a rifle that produced 500 fps and change….. again driving home my much chanted mantra, it’s all about the accuracy!

The gun had proved adequate to the task, the power was probably marginal, but at less than twenty yards it was possible to stack one pellet on top of another all day long. I think for a kid just getting started this would be a perfect rifle that is manageable, scaled to a smaller shooter, and capable of taking small game.

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