I was down at the Texas Airgun show put on by my friend and colleague from American Airgunner, Tom Gaylord, last summer. There was some shooting at this get together, but the stars of the event were the sellers tables, representing individuals, hobbyist showing their collections, small companies, and the big names. Eveyone was talking airguns and promoting their wares. As I cruised the tables I meet Michael Esch form -Mrodair, and looked at the products he had for sale. One that caught my eye was the Mrod-air P-12 bullpup, and the reason it caught my eye was that it meet my prime criteria for this type of gun, it needs to be light and easy to carry. And this one looked to be, and for this reason I wanted to use this gun in the field. Let me say that right now there is a subset of the airgun market that only want bullpups. But many of the bullpup designs I’ve shot are chunky, provide poor shooter ergonomics and fit, and make me feel like I’m holding a fence post. Now I’m willing to give up my bias towards looks in the search for a compact gun, but not if that gun doesn’t perform to the same level as a traditional rifle design. But I reckon that since a bullpup is a reconfigured rifle, with same barrel length and performance specifications, the likely culprit if it doesn’t match the rifles performance is the trigger or the overall fit ofRead More →

As the hunting season starts to wind down in Indiana, the last species left to hunt are coyotes and finally crows. Both of these are great quarry in and of themselves, but I do tend to get caught up in deer, turkey, dove, and upland game, overlooking crows at least until the close of another hunting year. Pretty soon I’ll be heading to Kentucky for the early spring squirrel season, then the groundhogs start coming out, then I’ll head out west for the prairie dogs, but crows are where it at right now! I headed out this morning for a couple of hours of crow hunting carrying the FX Monsoon semiautomatic .22 caliber precharged pneumatic air rifle, a tin of JSB Exacts, and my FOXPRO Wildfire electronic call. I got to on site at 6:30 to the sound of a few distant crows cawing and the sun starting up. I parked and hiked across a cut corn field and into a stand of trees separating this plot of land from another field. I set the call at the border of the field and tucked myself in to the base of bramble twenty yards down and ten feet into the trees and cranked up the call. I started with a crow fight sound, and within a few minutes at a murder of crows soaring over head. With my shotgun I’d have been dropping them all around, but armed with my air rifle I sat and waited for one to land. AsRead More →