Semi Auto, Full Auto, High Powered tackdriver!! This innovative import from Korea offers capabilities no other airgun has been able to deliver in the past; an accurate, powerful, reliable semi / full auto gun designed for the serious shooter. In this article I will review the Speed, look at the specifications, run it through its paces on the range, and take it out for some fun on the range and plinking sessions. Introduction Like a lot of airgunners I’d been following the rumors of a new semi automatic airgun coming out of the Korean based manufacturer Evanix. This company has been producing some fine rifles over the last few years: the AR 6 which was a powerful double action rifle, that although a little rough around the edges, was a fun rifle to shoot and to hunt with. They followed this with the Rainstorm and the action it shared with siblings Windy City, Monster, and Leopard; side lever cocking multishot guns that were refined, offer great performance, and an outstanding value proposition. While I believe these are excellent guns at a great price and loaded with features, they did not break new ground with respect to design. But the gun we were hearing about was different; it was innovative, using onboard electronics to provide semi automatic and full automatic firing options. Then I started seeing the occasional video produced in Korea popping up, and was really getting excited about the gun. I spoke with my friends at Venturi Air toRead More →