I had the opportunity to purchase a Webley Raider in .22 at a very attractive price, so you know “I had” to have it. I don’t know why my wife rolls her eyes every time she hears that plaintive statement of need, but who can say why women react they way they do!? I decided to take the gun out to the Mojave desert for a jackrabbit hunt, to see how it would perform. I drove out into the desert following the utility access roads that crisscross large tracks of the outback. Using the floor mat from my rented SUV to protect the gun, I used the Hill pump to charge the gun. I pumped the gun up to the 190 BAR sweetspot stated in the users manual.

The area had a lot of Barrel cactus, cholla, and brush for the rabbits to hang out under. This terrain was somewhat more hilly than where I normally hunt, which gave me the opportunity to glass the flats from on up high.

I didn’t see as many rabbits in this area as I’d expected, but as if to compensate, I was able to see them before they saw me because of my elevated position. I typically trip over a couple for everyone I sneak up on.

It was a little weird that the only sound across the desert was the high power line buzzing away over my head.

At the end of the day I had managed to put a couple of bunnies into the bag. The Raider was dead accurate, and the first rabbit I took was out at about 50 yards. The second one was sitting right under me as I glassed the plain rolling down to the sand flats. As I stood up to leave I caught a glimpse of him at about twenty yards, and managed to take him cleanly from an offhand position, threading my shot through a limited shooting lane. I hiked 4-5 miles on this hunt and only saw three rabbits, but I consider 2 out of 3 a good result. But I really enjoyed the hike and would have considered it a good day even if I’d come up empty.

The Webley Raider is a precharged pneumatic rifle that has a unique 2 shot magazine and an ambidetorous stock.The two stage trigger is adjustable, and can be easily tuned to the shooters preference. The fill probes is included with the gun. Following are some of the relevant specifications:

- Weight                          7.2 lbs
- Length                          37 inches
- Barrel Length              17 inches
- Max Pressure             200 BAR

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