Towards the tail end of the season, a new call showed up on my doorstep, the Primos Alpha Dogg. I’ve taken the call out for some non-hunting sessions as I get to know it better. I have some upcoming predator hunts to take it on, and this will be one of the calls I carry along to South Africa to hunt their predator species in September. It’s already provided outstanding results on my outings for crow, which will be a feature next month. In some ways this call resembles a transformer toy, the speaker covers swing down to become legs, and the speakers can then be swiveled to the optimal direction. But before getting to this point, you will find that there is a convenient carrying handle and a slot that the remote locks into when the call is not in use. The remote itself is ergonomic, using large menu controls, and has just the right backlighting to allow it to be read without killing your night vision or lighting your face up like a spotlight. With the legs deployed you can set the call in the snow or mud puddles, with no worries of submersing the electronics. Alpha Dogg uses 25 watt digital amps and produces plenty of volume. The speaker system is advertised as being distortion free, which from my experience is a true statement. There is a bit of rasp as the batteries go flat, but slip in a fresh charge and they are once again providingRead More →