I had the opportunity a while back to get my hands on the Hunter Extreme rifle, and used it for several small game hunts this season. Gamo makes a lot of different rifles for the general market, some I like a lot and some not as much. I guess if a company has an extensive product line this is to be expected, but I like to approach any new gun with an open mind. In the past I have really liked the underbarrel CFX rifles and how they perform on small game, and the Gamo Stutzen is one of my favorite springers. So the chance to evaluate the Hunter Extreme with a blank notebook and a few tins of pellets was something I looked forward to. When I opened the shipping box I found myself looking at a pretty substantial piece of hardware. Here’s a fundamental truth about very powerful springers: they come in large packages (about 9 lb sans scope). The rifle’s overall length is 48.5″ with an 18″ bull barrel. But I have to say that the gun balances well and is not hard for the average sized adult shooter to handle. This rifle sported a Monte Carlo beech wood stock with a well shaped cheek pad, and a checkered pistol grip and forestock. The butt of the rifle wore a ventilated rubber recoil pad, which along with the weight of the stock helps tame the recoil generated. While both .177 and .22 versions are offered (and recentlyRead More →

I’ve been using the Ameristep 3D Leafy Camo Poncho a lot this year, and it’s become one of my favorite tools for any type of stealth hunting in brush. It breaks up the pattern against many backgrounds, it breaks up the hunters form better than anything short of a full ghillie suit, and it’s easy on and easy off. In many respects the poncho is more like a wearable blind than an article of camo clothing. The poncho is essentially a 56″ x 94″ (approimate) rectangle of mesh, covered with a multi textured leafy pattern. There is a hole in the center with a hood that has a strap that can be used to position the hood over the wearers head, and a draw sting that can cinch the face opening around the wearers face. There are reinforced earholes on either side, so that your ability to hear is not impeded. There are five button snaps that allow to poncho to be opened when not on a set, that allows you to cool down when walking. There is also a bungee along the crease which falls over the arms, to attach the poncho to the arms to maintain coverage. The poncho is very light weighing in at about 1.5 lb, and can be rolled up and slipped into your pack when not in use. The patterns I’ve found the poncho in are the standard RealTree APHD, which is a fall/winter pattern, though I have seen a white patter called ‘nowRead More →