The History of Big Bore Airgun Hunting Looking back to about ten years ago, there were very few places to get a bog bore airgun, fewer people hunting with them, and fewer places you could hunt them. Within that handful of places, most hunting was restricted to predators …… nothing wrong with that, but my small cluster of big bore airgun shooting buddies back at that point wanted to stretch it out a bit …. see what else we could do at the other end of the game size spectrum. We found that while Texas has some fairly restrictive regulations in place when it came to game animals, non-game and exotics were on the hit list for airguns. It was a little strange that in most of the state we couldn’t shoot a squirrel; but hogs, rams, fallow and axis deer, aoudad and other exotic game were all available to us. A lot of these animals are free range, however Texas has virtually no public land, which forced us towards and restricted us to hunting game ranches in the early years. Still, the opportunity presented with the exotics made Texas ground zero for the development of the sport. While I’m not a huge fan of the high fence operations, I also don’t have a problem with them; they provide an opportunity for hunters that want to hunt a particular type of game, can be hunted any time of the year, and in our case allowed a variety of methods ofRead More →