I recently had the chance to borrow a rifle out of ANAa first limited production run of an innovated new rifle design. Multi-Pump Airgun Designs A good number of airgun hunters in the USA got their start airgun hunting using multi-pump designs that ranged from the Crosman 2100 to the cream of the crop in American airguns, the Benjamin – Sheridan 397 and Streak models. These pneumatic powerplants generate decent power for hunting, and can be quite accurate. An advantage of the design worth note is that the guns are fully self contained, and additionally the power can be adjusted by adjusting the number of pumps to suit a specific shooting application. Pump 2-3 times when plinking in the basement range, then up to 8 or 9 pumps when in the field hunting. But the flip side is that the gun must be pumped several times to get up to maximum power, and as in most designs of multi-pump rifles all the air is dumped with each shot, it is necessary to fully pump the gun between shots. This makes a quick follow up impractical. While there have been a number of multi-pump air rifles manufactured in the USA and Japan, the most popular and my personal favorite is the Benjamin and Sheridan design. In stock form this gun can be pumped up to 12 times and generate velocities in .20 caliber up to 685 fps.There are also companies that will do a tune to this rifle, such as Mac-1Read More →

Just a couple short months ago, Evanix released a new semi/full automatic pcp rifle called the Speed. This company has made an art form out developing a number of different configurations using an established platform, and using existing technology in combination with new to bring out some very interesting guns. The new offering which has been released to market in the USA this month is the bullpup version of the speed, which is called the Max. All of the components; 18â€� barrel, 290cc air reservoir, electro mechanical action is exactly the same as the full sized rifle. And therefore, the shot count, velocity, accuracy should also be the same, which my initial experience supports. For this reason I will not go into a detailed description of the action, but rather refer readers to the Speed article posted last month. The Max is a traditional looking (if you can call something that looks this futuristic traditional) bullpup design. The stock on this carbine is a nicely figured walnut that has a neatly designed thumbhole with a checkered grip, and a rubber recoil pad. As one would expect from a bullpup, this is a compact package with an over all length of 29â€� as compared to 42â€� for the standard rifle.The forestock is all metal and houses the 8.4 volt battery pack, which is accessed by removing a plate that is held in place with two bolts. The fore grip felt comfortable in my hand, though the all metal construction did transmitRead More →