This hunt can be seen on American Airgunner broadcast on Pursuit Network and on you tube post season.

I was wedged into position so that if I even took a deep breath I’d get poked by a sharp spine. So I carefully held my position and waited, spending my time glassing the distant ridges for traces of pigs moving in for water. This was my next to last day before boarding the plane for the 32 hour trip home, and things didn’t look very good. I always shoot a couple of warthogs when I go out to the Eastern Cape, but they are so plentiful most of the time I’d passed on several opportunities early on.

As I dropped my glasses I spotted first one hog that had slipped in from my right side followed by a second. These pigs were identical in size, so of course I dropped the crosshairs on the one standing in the water, which would prove the most difficult to retrieve,

The gun I was shooting was a .457 XP Ranger shooting Mr Hollowpoint 250 grain bullets. The gun was charged to 3600 psi and was putting out about 500 fpe.

When I pulled the trigger, the gun roared (it is not a quiet airgun) and knocked the pig over in the water. He thrashed and kicked a bit, and while he ended up a bout five feet further out in the water/mud, he didn’t get up again.

I’ve take many warthogs, Russian boar and feral hogs, and think they are among the best airgun trophies!

On An airgun safari in South Africa, the hunting had been difficult, weather was cold and overcast, which are not conditions favored by the prehistoric pigs.I set up over a water hole in a natural blind built up from brush and using rocks and cactus as the framework. By the time my friends left me I was completely boxed in. And that’s when I found ………

This pig was not big as far as they go, but any game taken fairly with an airgun is a trophy. And what this pig lacked in stature, he made up in pure ugliness. Warthogs are not the most beautiful animal to start with, but having to be hauled out of the muck didn’t help much either.

I’m going back to SA next summer and will bring a small group of airgunners with me. Send an email if your interested in joining this hunt of a lifetime with us!

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