I’ve just posted a video over on the American Airgun Hunter YouTube channel, that shows my recent hunt down in Texas for the first season in which javalina could be legally taken with an air rifle. I’ll embed the video below in case you haven’t seen it yet, but I wanted to give a little more information on the rifle I was using: the AirForce Texan .357, but my rifle has had a bit of work done to it. Nothing dramatic, but it does make a difference.

The .357 has been a great hunting rifle for me this season!

Edwin over at Airguns of Texas in Abilene cut about 8″ off the barrel and recrowned it. Then he fabricated a suppressor that adds the length right back, but man it does a great job of quieting the gun down. The shop is now home of manufacturing for the AeroMagnum bullets, that are purpose designed for the Texan, and Edwin also dialed in the power to find the optimal balance of power and accuracy.

The setup of the gun was generating about 900 fps with the 128 grain Devastator hollow points, generating 5 shots above 215 fpe, which is the legal limit for big game with an air rifle. At 50 yards the rifle will print 5 shot sub inch groups consistently, which gives me a lot of confidence in this gun. I’ve already taken a javalina, whitetail, turkey, and hog with it this season, it’s done a great job for me in terms of performance. Take a look a couple posts back to see how I’ve been improving the ergonomics (to my preference any way). I haven’t shot the Texans that much, until last year. The rifle is longer than what I wanted to carry; but once I had the barrels cut down (not using the suppressor) I really enjoyed shooting the gun. And when I wanted more stealth, the suppressor did a great job of reducing the sound signature. Then I got the factory carbine and I was sold…. been using the Texans a lot ever since!

I have the suppressor on here, but typically remove it when hunting in the brush.

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