I’ve been frenetically working to get a bit of breathing space so that I can take a few days off to go hunting in a couple weeks. I was in Texas two weeks ago for a few days, but since returning home have been putting in 10 hour days for my primary job, so that I can use some saved vacation time.

A lot of people think that I do this airgun hunting as a full time job, and sometimes it feels that way, but I have a busy professional life as well. In that role, I also travel a lot, going to Europe and/or Japan every month. But, I have a good amount of vacation time accrued, and by adding a day or two to a weekend and traveling at night or very early in the morning, am able to get quite a few hunting trips in every year. One of my main destination spots is West Texas, for several reasons. Texas has always been a draw for airgun hunting because of hogs, predators, small game, and exotics….. but now with airgun big game on the ticket it’s even better. I have a lot of friends down there with a lot of places to hunt.

So tomorrow morning I board a plane for Denmark for about 10 days, but a few days after returning will pack up and fly out again, this time to Dallas. There I’ll pick up a rental truck (Texas is the only place I know of where that’s as cheap as an economy car to rent), stop by Airguns of Texas in Abilene to pick up my rifles which were either left from a previous trip or shipped down in advance, and move on to my hunting spots.

Haven’t decided on which guns to use yet, I’ve got about a dozen sitting there waiting for me, but planning on hunting hogs, predators, javalina (need to check the season) rabbits, and maybe do a pest bird shoot. I’ve got the FX Crown, Brocock Sniper, Seneca Aspen (with built in pump), Hatsan Vectis, AirForce .308, .357, and .457 Texans, FX Wildcat, Senca Double Shot, and a few others including a couple springers. Leave me a comment and let me know what you’d be interested in seeing.

Another thing I wanted to ask, is that I’ve been leaning towards more of the travel log format for my hunting trips, do you like this style or would you like more of a gun review perspective? Register for the blog and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks! Jim

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