On this trip I’m out with the AirForce Texan .357 on an end of season deer hunt in West Texas. But before I head down to the Salt Fork Ranch south of Abilene, I stopped by Airguns of Texas to pick up my gear, guns, air, and some of the 128 grain Devastator HP being manufactured there.

After checking zero on my gun and loading up the gear, I was on my way. I’ve been hunting a few times at Salt Fork properties this season, and will keep going back. The main property is 1000 acres, but it hunts much bigger because of its situation on the Colorado River which it backs onto.

It was very wet and muddy as I drove in, but I eventually parked, aired up my rifle and hiked about a half mile through the mud to one of the blinds set along a game conduit across the property. Besides the rain, it was also (for Texas) very cold. I pushed a big feral hog on my way in, but had my rifle strapped into the pack scabbard.

On arriving at the blind I spread some corn (legal in Texas) to move the animal into the 60 yard range, and settled in for the wait. A couple of bucks came in and offered good shots, but I’d decided I’d either take a really nice big buck, or a doe for the meat. My family has been after me to make biltong this year.

The bucks wandered off, and about a half hour later a couple doe came in, and gave me a shot. I pulled my shot a couple inches higher than intended, but it was a solid hit. The deer ran off to my right, and I saw it jump a fence then drop at about 25 yards from where she was hit.

With the conditions I couldn’t get as close with the truck as I’d have liked to, and after attaching my tag had to drag the fat doe about 100 yards back before I could bring her to the wench to be gutted and prepared for the butcher on my way out of town.

The Texan .308 did a great job for me, and I have really been enjoying hunting with it. But after dropping the deer off at the processor, I needed to dash for Dallas to catch a morning flight back to Minneapolis……. but was not to sad to leave as I planned to be back a couple weeks later for a javalina hunt. I was well on my way to take a whitetail, Rio Grande turkey, and a javalina in this first Texas airgun season for a game animals!

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