I received the Nomad compressor a few months ago and have been using it to charge my rifles in that time. Now that I’ve gotten some experience with it, I feel confident commenting on how it has functioned for me. Probably a good place is to start is talking about both what the Nomad is, and what it isn’t.

This compressor was designed to be a portable gun filling station, its dimensions are 10.6x8x8 inches and weighs in at about 20 lbs. Note that I said this rig is intended to fill your gun and not a tank. The Nomad charges a gun quickly, my Ataman M2 Ultra fills to 4300 psi in just over 8 minutes, and my AirForce Texan charges to 3000 psi in under 20 minutes. However, the system was designed to move a small volume of air and was not intended to run over s prolonged period, as required for filling a higher capacity tank.

This compact rig consists of the compressor (with built in power supply, the hose that connects via a Foster type quick release, and the power cord. The three components seen to the left of the Nomad signage, are the burst disk, quick release male connector, and the bleed valve.

From the top, you see the pressure gauge which has the automatic shut off controls integrated, the digital load monitor, on/off button, and the reset button.

While this Prevents you from filling a tank to take along on a shoot, the problem is mitigated because you can take the compressor instead, using the supplied jump cables to charge it from your 12v car battery. I’ve found that while it runs very well off the 12V battery, this is a bit of a hassle, and I’m going to see if I can jerry rig a cigarette plug adaptor for it.

The Nomad makes a bit of noise when running, but not too bad, I’ll shoot a quick video with audio on a future outing and post it on the blog. It’s worked well on prairie dog shoots where I ran it off the battery and filled one gun while I was out shooting another, keeping them in rotation so I always came back to the truck to find a filled gun. There is an automatic shutoff that you can set for the appropriate fill pressure, then all you have to do is bleed the line when you return.

The Nomad will fill my Texan .457 to 3000 psi in about 18 minutes from empty, and takes only a few minutes to top off.

I’ve been pleased with the Nomad so far, I’ve sent it in checked baggage twice and shipped it round trip once as I’ve traveled for hunts, and so far it’s held up well, I haven’t even had to replace an O-ring or burst disk (included) yet.


  1. I’ve been looking at this compressor, are you using it on a regular basis or do you still use tanks?

    1. Author

      I still use my tanks, by the time I got the Nomad I already had 7 CF tanks of varying sizes and an Omega compressor. I think for the amount of shooting I do, the Nomad is’nt a good choice for my only air source, but I think a very good option for many airgunners as a primary air source.

  2. Be careful with the cigarette adapter. Wiring inside the car is a smaller gauge and can burn up your entire wiring or vehicle.

      1. Might want to just make longer cables and use a table to set it up on or the bed of a truck.

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