Been down in Texas since last week, and man have I put in the miles. When I went to pick up the truck I’d reserved, they didn’t have one available…… always makes me think of the Seinfeld episode, taking the reservation isn’t the important thing…. keeping it is! Anyways, I got a white Jeep Cherokee’s with 4 miles on it,m and it is being returned with over 1600 miles. I’ve been east, west, and south hitting three different properties. The bad news, I struck out one my last javalina of the season…. they just weren’t moving.

However, got some great rabbit hunts in with the lever action Hatsan Vectis and the multi pump PCP Seneca Aspen, and will have some videos and article combining out on those. Will let you know when and where those are being published. Then last night out at my buddy Shawns Salt Fork Ranch property outside of Abilene, in the last moments of light, I had a chance at a tank of a boar hog with the AirForce Texan and Devastator bullet combination that has done so well for me this year. Got some good video of this that will be on American Airgunner.

Needed help pulling this guy out for a photo, so went back with my buddy Edwin from AOT the next morning.


  1. Looking forward to hearing what you think of the Senica Aspen. I received one about a week and a half ago but really haven’t had the weather to really get it zeroed in. Too much high winds.

    1. Author

      I really enjoyed shooting it, and was impressed with the accuracy. I’m going to work on the video this week and should have it posted by the weekend. Thanks for the post!

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