I’ve just arrived home from our 3rd annual prairie dog shoot in South Dakota, and was hanging with a group of guys I’ve come to look forward to seeing every year. I have to tell you, that this was by far the roughest year we’ve had, due to thunderstorms, constant rain and drizzle, and some of the thickest and most tenacious mud I’ve encountered.

What was unusual for me was that even though I’d brought along a half dozen rifles, a couple compressors and tanks, and a case of pellets, I never pulled the trigger this weekend. Since it was such difficult conditions and not too many dogs surfacing, I decided to let the other guys shoot and I walked along filming. I have a pretty good eye for picking out partially submerged PD’s, and think I helped put the guys I hunted with on a few more dogs, but still the numbers were low. In towns where we’d normally drop 20 in an hour, getting a dozen in a day required some hard hunting and covering a lot of ground.

Again this year, FX was the most used rifle, there were a couple Wildcats in .25 and .30, a few Impacts in .30, and a couple Crowns…. I brought my Crown .30 and Impact .30, but as mention didn’t have the opportunity to shoot them. I’ll be out of the country working most of June, but am off for another prairie dogs shoot in South Dakota then down to Texas for rabbits and hot weather hogs! I’ll get a some PD videos up before the end of summer, promise!

It was good seeing Ron, Doug, Wyeth and the other guys from years past, and some new faces as well. As usual, the rooms were comfortable, the food good, and the time around lodge fun. Can’t say the weather wasn’t a disappointment, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. This time of year the weather is typically better and the pups are coming up, but it seems that besides the foul weather the PDogs were later having their pups, I don’t think anybody saw a pup all weekend. Next year we’ll try to organize the trip later in summer….. It’s a balancing act, I want good weather, but also wants to get out before the towns get too much pressure.

On another front, I’ll be organizing a javalina hunt down in Texas in the early fall and will have more information coming at you soon.

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