This is post is not intended to be a comprehensive review, I’ve done a video and an article in Airgunner, and am working on a comprehensive review video. But for the airgunners that visit the website I wanted to give a brief statement of what I think about this rifle as a small game gun.

Weighing in a bit around 7.5 lb, the Vectis carries well.

I’ve had the Hatsan Vectis for a few months now and have gotten a fair amount of plinking and range time with it, as well as having carried it on a few hunting trips. This rifle has a bit of a polarizing effect, mostly because it has a different look from just about any air rifle that’s been on the market. It made me do a double take when I saw it at SHOT Show earlier in the year, but after staring at it a while, throwing it up on my shoulder, cycling through it, then staring a bit more….. I thought it look kinda cool!

The pairing of a lever action with a lot of more “tactical” appearing attributes (synthetic stock, square barrel shroud with a moderator, and built in accessory rails), do produce a rifle that is hard to compare with other rifles…. at least from a cosmetic point of view. Whether you like looks or not is subjective, what is not is the Vectis’s performance.

The cocking action is quite short, and it cycles very quickly.

I’m shooting the .25 caliber, and it is accurate giving 1/2:” 50 yard groups, hard hitting it’s putting out about 40 fpe, comfortable on the shoulder with a good fit (for me), a very fast cycling action, it’s moderately quiet, has a reliable 10 shot magazine and will give you an honest 25 shots per 3000 psi fill.

This is a rifle I can get up on the shoulder very quickly and shot it well offhand in almost any position.

Even if the looks hadn’t grown on me, which they have, I’d still recommend this gun for consideration to those looking for a hunting rifle based on the performance. I was recently on another hog hunt with a new big bore and knew that I’d have a chance for a bit of rabbit hunting. Out of a lot of guns to choose from I took this one just because I’d been having fun shooting it, and importantly, have come to trust its reliability and effectiveness on the hunt.

This is not a high end, ultra-refined, heirloom rifle but rather a rugged effective field gun that will take a pounding in the field and do its job…. I think that’s high praise for small game gun!

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