Hello everyone, as I recently posted several new ATN optics arrived and I’ll be using them a lot for hogs and predators in the upcoming season. As you probably know, I live in Minnesota but get down to Texas pretty much monthly, sometimes more, to hunt. I am really looking forward to getting on those night time hogs during the warmer months.

But in the meanwhile, I want to get started on the predators closer to home, before heading out prairie dogging in South Dakota next month. I decided to put together the rig I want to use locally, more of a closer range urban predator rig. I have permissions on a couple farms and a pheasant hunting reserve near home and on the boundaries of city limits.

The scope I’ll start off with is the ATN ThOR LT, which is the companies entry level thermal imaging scope (around $1100.00). On paper this looks like a pretty well spec’d scope: it compact and light weight (1.4 lb), has an integrated with very low power consumption and long battery life, has white hot/black hot displays at a display resolution of 1280×720. I also like the fact that it uses standard 30mm rings, I’m using a set of UTG Max Strength Picitinny/Weaver ring on my set up.

The rifle I chose is a standby urban predator gun I’ve been using for years, my Evanix .357 sniper carbine. The gun gives me a solid 7 shots, using a sidle lever action to cycle the 7 round magazine, and generates about 80 fpe with low shot to shot variation. I’ve taken several predators, coyote, fox, bobcat, raccoons with it as well as a couple hogs. I have a lot of confidence in the gun, which will let me focus my attention obn the ThOR LT scope.

Here are a few pics I took while setting up the gun, soon I’ll have a video ready showing the sighting process and I’ll talk more about the whole rig then. But from these still you can see its a compact rig, and from an ergonomics and “looks” point of view, seems to fit together well! More detail to come. I am hoping this is the answer us airgun hunters have be looking for with respect to the optimal night time rig.

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