Getting ready for a prairie dog shoot this weekend in South Dakota and received this FX Dreamline Tactical in .25 in time for the trip! The Dreamline is a rifle I’ve been waiting for, it comes in several variations but the .25 caliber tactical currently sitting in my gun rack is the design that resonated with me.  This version is very streamlined, with the air reservoir serving as the forestock. I selected the Hogue FDE adjustable stock and grip for my rifle, and the guys at Utah Airguns did another great hydro dip for me in the Tiger Stripe ACU pattern…… it looks great! The second rifle I’ve ordered through this shop and these guys do top rate work!

Two of the guns going with me to SD, the top is my trusty .35 caliber Evanix Sniper witht e ATN ThOR LT thermal imaging scope for night time predators, and my new FX Dreamline. The guys at Utah Airguns did a fantastic job building this gun for me.

Like all the guns in this line it implements the smooth twist barrel that FX is famous for, and the efficiency and efficacy gained though FX’s design of the air reservoir direct mount to the breech is impressive on first pass. I’ll do a full write up on the Dreamline on the range and out hunting soon. My rifle is fitted with the 16 round high capacity magazine, cycled with the side lever cocking mechanism which FX does particularly well. The rifle fills to 230 BAR using a proprietary fill probe and has two manometers for the reservoir fill pressure and the regulator.

I like the looks, weight, and ergonomics of the tactical version and feel like the Hogue stock and grips were a very nice match, complementing the rifle well.
The hydro dips coming out of Utah Airguns are really outstanding… Can’t wait to get this gun into the field!!

I’ll start getting sighted in tomorrow, and will update the website as I go. Sometime after my South Dakota trip will get a video posted over on YouTube.

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