I had a note from Tim Smith, the editor and an old friend over at Airgun Hobbyist, telling me about this months issue. Some of the content comes from a discussion we had at the SHOT Show awhile back. This is our only dedicated airgun magazine in the USA, have a look then think about supporting them, they are doing a lot of good for our sport. Here’s what Tim has to say about this issue:

    In this issue, you notice a few more hunting articles than normal. There’s a reason for this. Over the summer, our daily internet news-feed popped up an articles discussing the top airguns for hunting. After reading the post, what was discovered was that they author suggested using airguns that produced less than ethical energy levels to quickly and humanly dispatch the game. In the shooting sports, we need to promote safe, ethical, and responsible use of the power that we posses.    For the fall issue, we’ve assembled “subject matter experts” including Jim Chapman, who has years of airgun hunting experience. Jim travels throughout the U.S. and abroad to hunt with airguns. He’s a regular on American Airgunner TV, authors articles for various publication in the USA and UK. In 2016, we met up with Jim and had a long conversation about hunting and airguns. A memorable quote from Jim was “These days however, when I use one of my centerfires to hunt, I almost feel like I am cheating. This is not a blanket condemnation of firearms for hunting, some guys shift to handguns, some to muzzle loaders, some to archery as they move through their hunting life. It’s a way to improve the quality of the hunt and challenge to meet their own ideals, for me it’s airguns.” The conversation with Jim can be found at www.americanairgunner.com/jim-chapman-american-airgun-hunter    And Luke Clayton, who was new to airgun hunting back in 2012 when he discover the power of PCP airguns, over his old pumper could produce. Prior to that, Luke had decades of hunting experience as a hunting guide and outfitter in the Rocky Mountains. He has been an outdoor writer for over 30 years. In 2014, Luke joined Airgun Hobbyist as our hunting editor. Over the years, Luke has submitted many article to us. The topics included hunting various game, such as; hogs, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, deer and more with airguns that generate appropriate power for the game he is after. We’d like to thank Luke for submitting several articles in this issue, including “Use Enough Airgun!” which inspired the theme.     Even if you don’t hunt, you’ll find the articles interesting. In the article “How We Hunt Matters” the discussion goes beyond hunting and includes that it matters who non-gun owners view gun owners, and what can be done for them accept what enjoy by being law-abiding, safe, ethical and responsible.

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