As many of you know, a few years ago I wrote about a hunt I wanted to do, and called it the North American Grand Slam, which was to take a gray squirrel, a fox squirrel, and Abert’s squirrel, and a black color phase of any of them. This is an infrequent natural color phase to all three, though not common in any. However, the likelihood of finding one is higher in some areas where there seem to be population pockets. I’ve found them in areas of Michigan, but nowhere else with such a high prevalence.

The squirrel and I saw each other at almost the same time, and it was a cat and mouse game. No time to set up my main game camera, and it turned out that the gun mounted GoPro I was using failed on me (corrupted file). Still a great trip!

I was getting ready to do the 14 hour drive to Michigan, think I mentioned I like squirrel hunting, to try to get this one off my grand slam list early. I mentioned the upcoming trip for a black squirrel when one of my channels subscribers Jonathan sent me a message and said, we have the all over in N. Wisconsin….. only a 3.5 hour drive from home. Ironically, I’d plan to hunt my way across WI on my way to MI, calling a halt when I got my squirrel. Jonathan sent me a map with a couple places to try, so off I went.

If I’d have known the gun camera would failed, would have tried to turn around the hunter camera. It is what it is….. but later today I’m going to rethink my gun camera for squirrel. Hard to set up an external camera on the run. I have a side mount through scope, and though I don’t like hunting with these I might give it a go on my next hunt.

I will release a video from the trip, but I have to apologize in advance that the hunting footage is limited. My gun mounted camera failed on me, and I hadn’t realized until arriving home today. However there is some good travel footage and I hope you will enjoy.

On my way to the Grand Slam!

The bottom line is: I got my Black Color Phase Squirrel!! Halfway to the objective and the season only been opened 4 days here and in WI.

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