A couple years ago I received my Airguns of Arizona BushBuck big bore air rife. This solid gun is perhaps the best looking big bore built (to my eye), but it is a rugged high performance powerhouse. I’ve decided that I will take this gun on one of my deer hunts in Texas this year, as well as using it for hogs and other big game. I have a lot of big bores to choose from, over 20 in my collection, but this is one I keep coming back to for the hunts that need a gun that packs a wallop!

This is a big solid rifle weighing in at 10.5 lb without scope, though mine is a prototype carbine that shave about 3/4 lb off that. The rifle is generating over 600 fpe (at high power setting) when coupled with a 400 grain .452 cast lead bullet. A formidable air rifle that I’ll go into detail on after my deer hunt.

I think this will be the perfect scope on this rifle and can’t wait to hunt the combination.

What I also want to tell you is that I’ve been shooting with the Holland’s Game-Getter scope over the last several weeks and Have been really impressed with it. I really like the reticle with the built in range finder/firing solution fit-to-hit technology. To be honest, this simple to use and elegant solution is geared to the firearms hunter, however there will be an airgunners version at some point. But in the meanwhile there are some other features of the scope that make it a great option for my BushBuck.

A very ergonomic control set, with great tactile response.

First, even if I can’t use the reticle in this version for range finding at the distances I shoot my big bore air rifle, the configuration is easy to use as aimpoints. The optical quality is crystal clear, and the etched aiming reference does away with shift in POI related to magnification settings. I also think it’s one of the smoothest AO setting I’ve seen, and I find the tactile response of the small wheel very ergonomic. It seems to be a winner standing on it’s basic function, I can’t wait until they have an airgunners version. I think this will prove a challenge, but if they get it right the value to the airgun hunter will be game changing!

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