If you follow my videos or writing you know that I love squirrel season. I’ve been gearing up for the first hunt, and this morning was day. I’d been planning a 2-3 day hunt, however family plans required a change, and I needed to postpone departure on that trip until later in the week.

But I wasn’t bummed, I figured I could still get out for a couple hours in the early morning, and be home by 10:00….. so everybody would be happy! I rolled up to a public land wildlife management area (WMA). It’s great that we have these available to us, but finding access without trespassing on private land can be a task. I lost about a half hour trying to figure this out, but finally after a 20 minute hike managed to get into the woods.

Lots of foliage high and low, this can be a challenging time to hunt squirrels!
I had about a 20 minute hike from accessible road parking to the woods, which ate into my hunting time.

My plan was to hike in, find some hardwoods with cuttings on the ground, and set up at the base of a tree and wait. I give myself about 20 minutes before moving on. The first set nothing happened. The second set nothing happened…until I was getting ready to move when I hear some noise. I stayed put an a minute later a fox squirrel came running by with a little red squirrel nipping at his heels. I’ve never seen this, and watched as the two squirrels raced by. Turning slowly, I saw the fox squirrel up a tree less than ten feet behind staring right at me. I slowly mounted the rifle and set the cross hairs high over his head, and pulled the trigger. I wasn’t holding high enough, but it still worked. I’d been going for a head shot but took him through the lungs…….. the close range shots are difficult!

Next set was bust, then again towards the end of my forth stop along the track I saw motion over my left shoulder and saw another bushytail run along a fallen log with a nut in it’s mouth. It paused, I shot, second one in the bag and it was time to leave.

All in all I saw 5 red squirrels, which I didn’t shoot, 3 chipmunks, and 2 fow squirrels. I did see the tail end of a gray squirrel running down the path as I hiked out, but didn’t get a shot. What I found interesting is that with the exception, all the squirrels I saw (at least initially) were on the ground. This time of year I expect them to be up in the canopy, so a lesson to spend more time with my eyes lowered.

Even though a light bag, I was happy with my seasons kick off!

Had a good time and looking forward to upcoming hunts. One of my YouTube subs told me about a couple places in WI with good populations of black squirrels. I looked this up in the WI wildlife resources and learned that both the gray and fox black color phases can be found in this are. It’s less than 4 hours drive, so I’ ll be using a couple vacation days next week to see if I can bag what is arguably the most difficult quarry on my squirrel grand slam!

Come back to the website frequently, I’ll do progress reports here

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