I am going through my photo archives….. 175k airgun hunting photos in no particular order…. and came across this from a segment of American Airgunner that Rossi and I did several years ago. We’ve done some great hunts together over the years, but this was one of my favorites for a few reasons, not the least of which is we got two really nice hogs within 15 minutes.

Rossi and I were out with the Air Venturi rifles and AirBolts on a hunt before they were released to market. One of my favorite hunts with a buddy!

I hit mine and laid him directly over, Rossi’s took a hard hit but made it into the bush. The shots came in the last minutes of light, and we had to go after this pig in the dark, which is always interesting. After all my years of hunting, I still get the shakes from the adrenaline rush, some times before and some time after the shot. I’ve had it so bad, that I can’t climb down from a tree stand until I stop shaking, and it doesn’t have to be a huge trophy to induce it.

The reason I mention it, was that not before or since have I seen Rossi with such a case of buck fever. On the first hog I told him to take it, nothing happened…….. then I heard a clattering and looked over to see him shaking so hard the gun was jumping off the sticks!

I took the shot and we sat there high fiving, when we saw a second pig come in and challenge my downed hog. Rossi sucked in a breath, lined up the shot, and hit the pig right before it took off. When it came down to it he took control and got the shot. There is a lot more pressure on these hunts, we have cameramen, schedules, etc., and this was early in his airgun hunting experience…. maybe his first hog. I was impressed he was able to recover so fast and get the shot…..like I said, agreat hunt!

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