Not just powerful, this gun is accurate, consistent, high shot count, ergonomic and has a fast action!

Jim Chapman

Hello all, I’ve just returned home from the SHOT Show, and leave tomorrow for a week in Europe. I wanted to drop a quick note on the status of the Hatsan Piledriver before departing. My production gun arrived a couple days before I left for Las Vegas so I haven’t been able to start shooting and testing it but will do so on my return home.

Some news from the SHOT Show, the first production run of the Piledriver .457 has arrived in the USA and will be used to fulfill current orders and ship to primary dealers. So, I’d expect to see guns in shooters hands soon. The .50 production run is in progress with first shipment expected before end of March. I believe Pyramyd Airguns will be the first to have them at listed price of $1179.00.

Long time friend Cecil Bays was manning the booth, he and I were the first guys to get to hunt this gun, and videos were playing on the booth from both hunts.

A couple things I’d not mentioned in that first video: the Piledriver uses the 2-stage adjustable Quattro trigger. Onboard air storage is a 480cc carbon fiber tank that fills to 300 BAR. Though the barrel is 33″ in length, the bullpup design allows for a more compact LOA. This configuration sets the action back into the stock and keeps most of the weight centered which I’ve found great for offhand shooting. The black polymer stock is a fully adjustable thumbhole design.

This rifle received a lot of attention at the show, and I am looking forward to using it on several hunts this year. I will have this rifle available for use at our Texas javalina and feral sheep hunt in March, so a few others will get a chance to hunt this rifle soon.

I spoke a lot about the power this rifle generates, but don’t loose track of the other attributes: the gun is very accurate, consistent over a 5 shot group, fast cycling, and ergonomic. Like most big bores it has some heft but is well distributed and I found a solid off hand shooter. Following are the specs Pyramyd Air has posted on their site:

Hatsan Piledriver Big Bore PCP Air Rifle 

  • Available in .45 (.457) and .50 (.510) caliber
  • 480cc Carbon Fiber Bottle
  • 300 BAR (4,350 PSI) Fill Pressure
  • Precision Rifled Barrel 
  • Bullpup Design
  • Quattro Trigger
  • Long Sidelever for easy cocking action
  • Synthetic Thumbhole stock with adjustable cheekpiece 
  • Angle and elevation adjustable buttpad
  • 11mm dovetail/weaver combo scope rail
  • 3 Picatinny accessory rails mounted around the air cylinder
  • Utilizes a fill probe threaded to 1/8″ BSPP
  • Large loading port accommodates ammo up to 34mm long
  • 4-6 shots in .45 cal, 3-5 shots in .50
  • 700 FPE in .45 cal, 800+ FPE in .50
I spent a fair amount of time at the Hatsan booth, and besides the Piledriver they had some very interesting products you’ll see in action this year!

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