I’ve taken a lot of North American and African Game with arrow launching airguns. On this hunt, one of my favorite standard airguns for small game and predator hunting, gets a new accessory….. the FX Arrow Barrel!

My regular readers and video viewers know that I have a strong affection for my FX Crown, and I have been using both the .25 and .35 calibers a lot. A while back I received the arrow barrel, and outside of some range shooting had not yet had a chance to use it.

A rancher I know, manages his deer herd for quality animals, and unlike many landowners strives to keep a balanced buck-to-doe ratio. He told me I was welcome to come over and harvest a doe for the freezer. My family had been pushing for some biltong….. so, I was on my way!

When I got to the property, it was on the cooler side, but having lived in Minnesota for the last few years my tolerance has shifted from that of my Southern California upbringing. I arrived in the morning and took a dirt road to the back side of the ranch situated above one of the water sources.

Glassing down into the area, I saw a number of deer, bucks and doe, coming and going. I worked my way down using the sporadic clumps of trees for cover, I had the wind and the raising sun in my favor. I ran into a suspicious buck that kept walking around the brush I was hiding in, straight legging and stomping, but he finally wandered away.

A few minutes later a doe came walking down while watching in my direction. At one point she dropped her head and I took my shot, hitting her with as good lung shot. The arrow hit well and stuck deep, but surprisingly did not penetrate all the way through. Later I found I had somehow dialed down the power wheel, and though I can’t figure out when or why I did that, it is situated such that it can’t happen accidently. At any rate the arrow stuck and the doe bolted into a nearby thicket. I gave her about 15 minutes and followed.

I found blood spoor almost immediately and followed into the thicket. Not more than 20 yards in, I found her piled up and stone dead. The fixed 100 grain broadhead I’d shot her with had some bone fragments and was chipped. There was a big hole in the side the shot had hit, and when she fell it was on top of the arrow which was laying under her.

One of the things I like about the arrow guns that use a barrel that allows a standard rifle to be converted, is that it takes a solid small game/predator rifle like my .30 caliber crown, and turned it into a legitimate big game gun. I was impressed by the accuracy and performance of this rig, even though I was only running at about 70% of the potential power it is capable of generating. I’ll be using it a lot more this year!

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