I’ve had my Crown for a couple of years now, and it has stayed at the top of the list as a rifle I turn to for the big hunts!

The FX Crown is advertised as being Airgun Royalty and said to incorporate much of the innovative technology this company brings to the market. The rifle utilizes the FX Smooth Twist X Barrel and Interchangeable Barrel Liner System, which is an accurate configuration in all its many caliber options. And that another thing I like about this rifle, is that it is multi caliber.

The crown comes in .177, .22, .25, and 30 calibers, and the barrels are quite simple and quick to change out. My gun has the .25 and .30 barrel, which provide 16 and 13 shots respectively. The rotary cassette magazines are proven, and are reliable and rugged, I’ve shot several tins of both calibers at this point in time, and have not recorded a single jam or misfeed.

The stock on my gun is the synthetic (also comes in a laminate and walnut version), and has received the Airguns of Utah camo dip, which is a brilliant finish. They’ve done a couple of my rifles and it is a fantastic job, one of my favorites in a fairly extensive collection of hunting rifles!

The trigger on the crown is also impressive, it’s an adjustable match specification and breaks like the proverbial glass rod, The gun utilized a 480 cc removable carbon fiber tank, that fill to 250 BAR using a standard Foster type quick connect fitting. The regulated Crown produces close to 50 fpe in .25 and 75 fpe in .30, and provides about 95 shots in .25 and 40 shots in .30 with excellent consistency.

The power of the Crown is adjustable using either an external adjustment for hammer spring tension that modifies airflow, and a regulator that can also be adjusted externally. This lets the gun be dialed in for a specific hunting application, long range or shooting inside a building for instance, or tuned to a specific projectile.

The firing characteristics of this gun are outstanding, it is ergonomic, comes quickly and comfortably to shoulder, provides an excellent sight alignment, and is a pleasure to carry in the field. The crown is about 39” LOA (depending on barrel) and weighs about 7.7 lb. While out hunting I like to carry this gun in a Safari sling, so don’t have sling swivels mounted on my gun.

I’ve used this rifle for a lot of small game and predator hunting, and have been quite impressed with it’s accuracy, consistency, and terminal performance on game. It’s also worth mentioning it is robust, I can be hard on my field guns, and the Crown has stood up well, definitely on my short list of great hunting rifles!

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